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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

Another Holiday in KL:)


My trip to KL this year seems so casual as nothing interest me so much anymore. Not like the first time flying to Kl.....It was just like a dream going back and fro...( macam org kaya jak, Perasan!) Not that i have a super business or rich enuf to buy tickets but it was the occasion of meeting up my fiance. This long distance relation is an adventerous one to embark on and somewhat boring in the interval times. Buying tickets in advance; 4 months ahead needs to be organized well. But sometimes what we plan does not come as what we expected to be. Thank Lord, Mine came out just fine.

Mom sent me to the airport and i could see fake surgeons walking here and there, bustling in and out, running to the counter to get their tickets...... some were playing with the luggage carts....And they come in various ages, infants, toddlers, teenagers, adults, and the senior citizens:)

I wasn't wearing any mask to cover up.....Meaning that i wasn't aware enough of protecting myself from the epidemic catastrophe dilemma that we are facing now. So irresponsible me....

In the plane: I entered the plane and saw beautiful stewardess busying themselves with the luggages and checking thier passangers. They really entertained my eyes heheheheh .

I got my sit and sat comfortably on it (20A). I sat near the window. It wasn't a good seat to watch the view below. So, try not getting number 20. All you would see is the wing... If you really wanted to see the view, you have to crane your head a bit .... which is painful in 30 seconds.

They were racing each other to get a place to keep their bags which is convinient for them when landed..

I checked in my bag and a box in the cargo, so i did not have to race with the others with the compartments.... And what was so funny was... When i was at the the counter the man was so kind placing the FRAGILE label on it even though there's nothing that can smash it up....He asked me " Apa yang ada dalam kutak?" I sheepishly said, errm jaaaaaaguung, mee udang sama kicap" (trying to minimize my voice as there people behind me.)I blushed. He smiled back......and said thank you for the ticket.....Waaaargh! malunya! i hope he wont remember me again. Told ma Mom and she laughed as well....

What a Laugh! A Combined scientific name of me and my Mom!

As I walked in the room, a few colleagues of mine were chit chatting and I didn’t care more as it was their usual thing to do. They were laughing as if the issue they were talking about tickled them so much. I was wondering what made them so gay. I wanted to ask but I had no time of asking questions and joining in. I was too busy and pact with the load works this week. Marking the exam papers plus with the additional work; as a teacher on duty, entertaining myself with sick students coming down from slightly flu, cough, fever, chicken pox and the list goes on… Doing relief classes was not an easy task especially when there are teachers who suddenly did not come to school for certain reasons. That stacks up my work more. Phew!

A colleague of mine shouted my name across the room telling me the gist of their laughter. She actually came across an article about a weird flower scientifically named as Brunfelsia Pauciflora. The flower is located in Brazil and South Africa..They showed me the article and I went…What the Hell????!! This is what I look like with my mom erecting stiffly hahahahaha…. Oh! Gosh! What a world! My mother’s name and mine happened to be combined scientifically. Mom’s name Flora and Me Felly!

~This is the article~

~Erecting stiffly ~ Heheheheh

~Me and my mom~

we don't look like those two flowers, do we?

The name was exceptional but when coming to the feature of the flower…Gees! It was as if whoever was the one naming it seems to mock us both. You can see the flowers with an alien face. I kept laughing and I hope my mom is reading this to know what I am actually talking about. LOL ~We are actually known worlwide~ Wow! This is so amazing:)

Blog COnTest!

A blog contest is held by this website, http://www.timugon.comFree Domain Name Giveaway Contest. Drop by to the site and read the instructions. I dunt have any idea what lies behind the prizes but just try out, u mite be the lucky person hehehehe....
M trying myself out too......

Good-Bye July and Welcome August!


It was as then in Early July that I had recalled of celebrating my Birthday and I really had fun. I thought the joy and laughter would drag me throughout the whole month. But the answer was NO! Little did I knew that my joyous days were going to end with the bad news of my Beloved Grandpa. Picts while i was in Kg:
We were heading off to the church for thr funeral mass...My 2 lil brothers...

Heading back home after the mass ended. He didn't shed a tear, but he kept saying that he wouldn't have the chance to sleep with AKI again.... he was about to cry:( No wonder he was so silent along the way.We tried to carve a smile and be as happy as we can be:)Half of the cousin posing for the last time before i headed to KK, WHich i missed my Flight. was cooking for lunch, But i was unable to join as i had to rushed myself to KKMy yung sister, HEATHER... helping out in the kitchen....She's getting taller! How much she has grown up, yet to be discoveredEating the kg kolupis(Nasi pulut + Sambal) Yummy...

To conclude the life I had in July:
I Missed my plane to Tawau.

WAiting at the airport early Monday Morning hahahaha
I was supposed to fly back to Tawau after a one week holiday on the 19th/July/09. Unfortunately, I missed my plane and I had to buy another ticket which cost me two hundred and sixteen.And i had to fly on Monday which was on the 20th/July/09. Darn! So much for my carelessness. Thanks to that!

In Tawau. My Spp Interview was around the corner and suddenly my Identity Card was lost! Phew! Drag and drifted myself to the Police Station and did a report on that. I had to wait for another 2 days.

Went to Jabatan Pendaftaran: Really punched a big hole in my wallet! It cost me RM110.
The lesson of the story: Don’t EVER EVER try to lose your myCARD!

With the Prayers I had and holding my trust to GOD, I was almost in the end of my wits. I almost lose my trust towards HIM. However, I found it in the washing machine and it was in a quarter bad condition. God really works in a mysterious way. Thank You God!

Despite of all the misfortunes i had encountered, came along joy... Well, that was after the Pay was out. We went and pampered ourselved to enjoy the culinary repertoire introduced by the Promenade chefs. The essential ingredients added up our lust of eating to eat and eat and eat! Gosh, i was damn full. The view was also nice. So, if u feel like going to Tawau, Try going fur the buffet! It's nice:) You won't be dissapointed!

Kak Mal, Kak Endang (the KB's CLUB) Or u can say The KGB.... with mimi on the left side

They ate as much as they could. Miss Lee, kak sadaria, kak Hanita n kak Ida (the president) N Cg Faizal....

Me n Mimi were having our delight moments....We had just finished our deserts. Me: Are we going for the Ice-cream? Mimi: Too Full.....Even though my tank is big but i can't hahah

Kak Endang, The babbly mouth CG Ruslan-(he's already 40 years yet he still babbles like a 20year old) n me:)

Kak Ida, Kak Leha, Cg Ismail(Our PK HEM) n Cg Faizal:)

We really had fun laughing......Without looking at others around us..

On the 25th, I attended a Le'reeve Perfume Product and won myself Lereeve products costs RM1000:

You would never think that these can cost you RM1000:) Man! How i was so lucky. I only bought 3 tickets for this special draw and luck was on my side....:)Yihaa...spray here and there...soapy here and soapy there....There's always the Ying and Yang in life...