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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

School work


In the early month of January, meetings was a must-to-be-attend.

Meeting today, tommorrow, the next day after tommorow..Phew!

We had a few teachers moving out from school and a few new teachers coming in. Time-tables were running smoothly. New teachers were told to chip in a few selected teachers and replaced their classes. Problem Temporarily solved!


It still needs to be re-arranged! And the re-arranging part isn't that easy-measy!

Kak Sadariah who was responsible of the schedule, can't get the schedule finished on time, as the re-arrangement of form 6 teachers are still hanging...therefore she was stuck in a 22 situation.

She was really coming into a war-zone with the computer. Hoped she'll break a leg!

First week

School events

I was given a christmas present from a student of mine. I was so suprised to see a beautiful silvery box in my bag. As i opened it, there, lie a beautiful pinkerish pearl necklace! Gawd! It really made my day on the first day of school.

~It was so beautiful~

Taught Form 4 and Form 6.
Students: Form 4-Were quite good.

Form 6- Man!


Had these types of students who were weak!

I think drilling will be welcoming them soon.

Quite challenging!

As the saying goes .....

"Rome wasn't built in a day"

Second week

Had a big contoversy on who and who was going to be teaching form 6. I was informed to take the class last year and i gave a green light before heading off for holidays. Suddenly, when the PMR result came into a very pleasing result for all my 3 classes i was pulled back to teach PMR. I really had a grudge on the matter. However, i pulled myself being optimistic that whatever happens, teaching form 6 or not was not gonna be a gloomy year for me. I might get the kids from grade C to A hahhahaah...Like i did last year!!

Never it did popped in my mind that there were a few students who could strike a 'C' from an 'E' grade! It was an amazing break out!

Third Week

I was still teaching form 6, waiting up for the new teacher to replaced me...when another breakout about the new teacher who was asked to teach had no confidence entering the class. They passed the bucks on me! And luckyily i haven't turned down the offer of taking the classes back... I was off the deep end!So unorganized!

Fourth week

Was teaching from 4 and NOW was ordered to take SPM class.

They dropped my form 4 class.

Was really sad about it.....


Gosh! Another Year of Exam classes is coming my way!!!!

I need air!!!! Yelp!!

♥Cross country 2010♥

Today was the moment of the pre-climax sports day!
We had cross country. Students were enthusiastic as well as the teachers.
I had no sun block to be applied on my skin.
I was getting darker and i really have no concern about it!
These were the moments of SMKJA students and teachers......

~Teachers and students assigned for the documentations were waiting for the top 30 winners to arrived~

~Cg Mahadir, Cg Samsuddin and our non other than the 'sporting' PK HEM Cg Ismail~

~Me with my form 5 students~
♥From my right, Nursakina & on my other left is Mayliana♥

~ My upper 6 students ~

~Students were waiting the moment to be let off~

~My colleagues who were actively joining the club basking under the sun~

~We were the trios who just can't stop taking picts before the event started~

~Listening a short brief ~

~We were arranging our runners~
Serious discussion after the cross country was over..and proud to say! We did it as a TEAMWORK!
Fyi, we have 4 'rumah sukan' which are Mataking, Sibuan, Sipadan, and Mabul...The names were all taken from the famous islands which could be found in tawau and semporna....
I hope we could at least hit the top 3 hehheeh..not much sprinters for Mataking..But we hope for it!

Cars with the same color and design:)

There are many types of cars in the car industry and we have almost thousands of units having the same color and designs. Same goes to the Proton manufacturers. Nothing different, nothing varies so much to another proton cars.

Have you ever parked your car besides another a car which happen to be the same brand as yours? Of course you have. Do you sometimes have difficulties to recognise your car? Some might say ‘yes,sometimes’ and some might say ‘It’s my car! Of course i recognize it pretty well. No problemo.”

Well, i pretty well know my car. If there’s another same branded car parking behind, beside or in front of my car, i’ll sure know which is which.... But sometimes i’ll have to give a double check just so that i won’t humiliate myself opening up someone’s door. ~laughing~

But good thing i haven’t yet encountered the humiliation. (Which i pray –Not To Happen-)

The story begins:-
A story in December 2009

A few days ago, we went to town to fetch mom with my other younger sister and brother. On the way back, we stopped to the store. My young siblings jumped out the car as they were so happy., and i know why.... As they came out from the store, they held a handful of junk food plastic bags in their firm hands ,gripping on the weight of the bags.

I sat, relaxing in the car while waiting. Suddenly, i was startled when mom gave an abrupt yell “Noel!!” (He is just 7 years old)Looking out from inside the car, my younger brother was almost trying to open the door to the car, which was parked behind me. When he realized, he smiled and gave a big laugh. We were all laughing in the car.

He said,” Nasib baik tu Uncle tidak Nampak bah My! Dia tengah kira-kira.”
“Nasib lah...Kalau tidak..”, Mom replied.

“kawan mummy jugak bah tu”, he continued.

We all continued teasing him all the way long....

When i remembered the incident, i giggled. It was so funny.
~I missed my young siblings so much~
Can't wait to get ma ass back home on CNY

Bad omen

It's 12th.January.2010. It was any other usual day, however this date had brought me into a panic, imbalance feeling of guilt. Did i do anything wrong that plunged me into this bad day? This temporary glitch has dragged me into an uncomfy zone. Everything i did, caused a bad consequences of what i felt was 'bad luck'. And i faced a major double-triple trouble in just One day!

First incident before walking myself to school in the morning:-
One beautiful morning glory, i headed to school quickly as i was already late to 'thumb print'. It was raining in the wee hours and had a blackout at 5.30am. I only got up at 6am. Ugh!
I was walking notoriously furious on the damp, moist ground. Until i came near the 'koperasi' building, i stepped on the plank and suddenly without a warning i skidded off myself and flew up in the air for a second and went 'Thump' on the ground. While checking on myself whether i was hurt or not, i was checking on the students who were busying themselves walking towards the school building = no one saw me! Or did they??? Oh, Who cares, after all! Well, nobody seems to even noticed i was there! Suddenly i saw a big scratch from the momentum of falling down where me leg was grazed on the cement of the big ditch. Aww, man that was really an x-treme performance. It was an excruciating experience! I got up, found my skirt was already stained with dirt; without no choice i had to run back to my house and get changed.
While changing, i called up my principle and told him what happened. I ended up not entering my first period class just because of my carelessness and that damn fool old plank! Arrgh!
This is what i had for doing an x-treme unplanned performance...:)


~After 5 days enduring the shitless pain, i forced myself to meet the doctor and was given antibiotics....I hate medicine!

~After 2 weeks~

It's drying up...and i had to endure the shit pain!

In the afternoon, i ramped a castle of huge and big stones. Man! it tored up my car's skirting...huhuhuu.This means more money! Gosh!

Went to the workshop and got it repaired......

What a day!!!!!! I hope this 'bad omen' will turn itself up to the high court and be responsible for doing this to me! I want my happy life back huhuhuhu.......

February can you please give me a chance to be happy????

No bad omen please, i beg you....

Being optimistic without a list...:)

Started new year with a smile, started my classes with a long, deep breath, started working with the usual cordial loud greetings as i entered the staff room, started my day today with a simple pray!

I hope for a better year!

People are having their own list of new years resolution. And i haven't seen myself busying with thoughts of listing.....

X :So, did you decide on a New Year's Resolution?

Me:There's no sense setting goals that can't be obtained.

X:That's a fine attitude. What happened to you the other day? I thought i heard you saying you do have ONE.

Me: And i just said i did! I resolve that there's no sense of setting goals that can't be obtained.

(X went into a codundrum state and went off leaving me with a remarkable confused face)

~The list i have not been taking too much atttention of~

Despite of having a no list this year, i was thinking of going on with my nut-shell life as usual.

Keep every events in pace and my outdoor and indoor activities in plan.

Synchronize the ying and the yang into a better balance.

Live life to the fullest.

A journey back to work place

1st of January 2010. A date which i would never forget. A date where i headed back home to work place. I had to go back earlier as on the next day i have a meeting to be attended. I wish i could go back home on the 4th but my job requires me to go back home early.
I started up my journey from hometown around 7am. We brought 2 cars. My father and mother in-law,my fiance, his 2 uncles were my best companion back home. We took the less travelled short cut to Tawau which was 'Kalabakan'. Man! It was a damn good experience driving on the gravel road. My mother in law was in one car with me. And the guys took the 4 wheel car with them.... How ignorant of them leaving the ladies in one car. There should be one guy joining us but it turned out fine for both of us. Me and my mother in law had loads of things to catch up and stories to be told:)

It was an advantage being together without the guys hahahahaha......

Kalabakan road was all the way gravel from SEPULUT until KALABAKAN roundabout. Gosh! I felt i was in a rally as i cruised on the stony and sandy road. All i saw while driving were 4 wheel cars passing by me. I felt so small as i only drove a small sedan hahahahah:) Which actually is not suitable for the road. I drove up until 70 to 90 per km. I'm really getting the car a painful trip that day. I felt i was massaged through out the whole gravel journey. Bumping all the stony stones.....Whoaaah! It was good!

The scenery filled up my boredness when me and my mother in law were filled with silence. I could only hear the prickling stones hitting every body of the car...hehhehehe..It was noisy!

~We had our lunch in the middle of the jungle~
We stopped a few minutes, at one place, 30 minutes after 'MALIU BASIN' there was pure and clean water at the side of the road. It was a beautiful place to rest. Mother nature really knows the human's need, but we never appreciated her, as much as she does to US!

~The water was refreshing and cold~
We arrived at Tawau nearly 3pm. We were a bit late from schedule due to the places we stopped for a few times. They went back home on the same day.
Arrived home, took my shower and went to sleep around 3:45pm and woke up around 7pm. Right after i woke up, i felt my body in pain. Oh! Gees! It was a tiring trip. I really wanted to go for a massage. I was really exhausted and i really felt like hiring a maid to cook for me that night. I was hungry. But i was tired to drive to town.

Called up a friend and went out for dinner. I couldn't speak much at that juncture. My head was all on foods and reflexology.
I didn't know driving could give big impact to weakness. I thought i would be okay after a few hours rest but the answer was -No-....

Xmas 2009

Haven't been blogging for the last few weeks. And i feel i have nothing much to say. However, i'm trying hard to get use into writing and being connected with the internet. While i was away for holidays, i didn't have much time to be connected to the computer.

And it wasn't my main priority as i got back home to 'kampung'. I wasn't the lass who goes "What's happening in Fb?", Oh! My! My e-mails. I NEED to read them. Just in case there are people commenting on photos..I have to KNOW!...The once non-stop 'Fb-ing', emailing, checking blogs...has long gone for a few weeks.

Because after all, i was having a non-engaged activity with the internet. I was more out with mother nature and socializing with peoples and getting to meet my cuzzies. I even met one of my cuzzy's bf from Italy. We were so happy to get one italian as a member of the family. I attended weddings and participated with dancing in the crowd with my relatives and cousins. It was a good and an enjoying HOLIDAY!

We didn't have much time baking cookies Last year. We only managed to buy a few bottles of cookies. Last year, we also didn't have an 'Open House'. We were fully booked for wedding invitations. One thing i like about xmas LAST YEAR was, we dont have to cook at home because we were too full eating at wedding receptions *wink* almost each and everyday.Gosh!!! And im gaining weight now which is a good sign. I wanted to purk up my butt a bit hahahahahaha...:)