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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

So soon to say good-bye!

People come and go, Season changes,Winter to spring, spring to summer, summer to fall and FALL back to winter. It's the circle of life where you'll come back to ONE...

God creates beautiful things on earth to be savaged in good manners, Little monuments of blissful life were given to us as a GIFT, Presents us with Happy Hour Life-time and Merriness, Shower us the values of LOVE and creeps us with the celestial bodies.

I was in bed early, to get a good rest upon the swinging moments of defined workloads. Craving on a sweet resting day today, i was called in the wee mo' at ONE by my Honey. I was overwhelmed to get a very bad news.

A friend of mine had passed away. He was one of my 'other half's' cousin. I couldn't imagine that his young life was taken so soon.

~Cried, sobbed, devastated~

In just a matter of seconds, life will be back to ZERO! And back to DUst...


Christian believes that, "he who believes in GOD, will live For ETERNITY":)

I hope he would get to the 'Pearl Gates' in no time...I pray!


A combat....

I have been in this war zone with the sneezing and wheezing periods for almost 3 weeks by now. It was a burden to carry all the mucus almost every where i went. Be it in school nor out from school.
And the most toughest thing i had to do was trying to get the mucus away from my nostril tunnels to avoid my voice being nasalized.
I once had a bad day arguing with the mucus colonies. But, i had no weapon to estricate them colonies from my nasal tunnels to my directed pipeline lung.
After a week enduring the restless nights, I brought myself to the clinic and met the doctor to combat the matter. But, it really took a real good deed in persuading my flu to go away. And now i'm grateful as i could see the sign of recovery ahead of me:)
I couldn't stand taking Sedillix-DM(Linctus)- a medicine that relieves runny noses, sneezing and stuffy nose. It was really S.T.R.O.N.G! After a few minutes taking it, i surrendered myself on the bed. I landed graciously on bed and dozed off to dreamland:)
I wouldn't dare to take it during weekdays as it is my working days. I might fall asleep while erecting stiffly holding a marker pen on the other hand.
~I wouldn't dare to humiliate myself~ Never!! Uh-uh!



Hadn't been blogging for quite some time now. Had been busy with my CNY holidays and back home 'kampung' activities..

I was totally unconscious of how bad my skin color had changed due to the sun rays during sport days and netball competiton which was held right after our school sports day ended.

As i arrived back home(kampung), i then realized i was darker compare to anyone else's around me. And it was then obvious as most people i met and stayed with were quite fair. ~SIGH~

I mentioned of not being so concerned about my skin complextion. However, i ended up buying a complete set of skin product hehehehe:)

~Hope I'll get my natural (not so dark) skin tone back~

Oh yeah.... Our team didn't managed to get into the semi-final.
What a waste tanning under the scorching hot sun....
Talking about skin...I am so sad,annoyed and dissapointed as i now have a very unpleasant mark on my leg.
I got it after the grazing cement ditch incident.
I think i'll have to wait another 5 more years to get rid of the mark.
I can't wear dresses anymore?!
CNY holidays were short. I had to get back to Tawau before Wednesday! Many schools were on a 1 week hols and we weren't....~sad~
But my sadness had shifted into joy! I begin playing badminton in the evenings and it really helped me to forget about hometown and the bittter events:)
I wish for more better lucks to come in the coming months and years......
Happy Lent to everyone out there!

Fingers Crossed!!

It's February by now! Gosh! I hadn't much noticed on the shortcoming event this month. I think i have been drooling of with packed of activities that just made me a bit ignorant at how time really flies. This particularly 2 early months this year, is kinda of tacky. I get most of my sweats out let alone a pretty change of skin color( i'm darker by now).
I'm getting myself involve in coaching netball which i can't say i am, cause i myself have no experience in techniques. Was only able to dig in all the rusty techniques i had during my high school days. I don't know whether it is still applicable. Time changes, people change, i'm sure the rules change too! No sweat!
Had few friendly matches with other schools and i came to a conclusion that, something was wrong here...... They can't get through the defense of their oppenent nor could they try to get a single shoot. It was a terrible game as it was clear crystal mistakes that they knew it was wrong to do. I'm just crossing my fingers as the real big game begins tomorrow.
Let Lord guide us through each match! ~long exhale~

Friends remain Friends!

After a whole long stretching years of no meeting ups, we at last got together and managed to catch up with a few things....
I stayed over night and we had a very simple time together even though we were mostly doing NOTHING fun.. And the ordinary things like waking up late, going downstairs, sitting down and just let the time flew by was a very tranquil moment of just getting ourselves being the usual us in our childhood days.
Here are a few snaps before she flew back to Perth: ~The moment of cutting the cake~
~She was wishing for the happiness and future babies to come soon(i guess) Lol~

~In aunty's Harrrier..I was her driver~
~Shasha was off to meet her friend in Lintas, while i followed her mom to an uninvited wedding~

~Went off to pamper our feets after the wedding reception~

~ I love my feets to be mended~

~Look at the nice colors i chose~

~ Aunty was happy to get manicured~

~After the pampering, We were happily taking shots out from the house~

~Ryan was quite easy to be handled~

~I was EVEN more easier hahahah~

~I tried my BEST and i kept losing off my balance. LOL~

~I don't understand why we chose the wagon instead of something else~
I guess that was the only THING that was extra-ordinary NEAR us....

~Sha with her Munchy mouth, i stayed calm with a smile~

~Knocking on Heaven's Door~
Helllloooooooo?????Anybody home????

~Moments where we'll keep it safe in our treasury hearts~

After being apart for such a long time, here you could see how closed we still were......:)

Tomorrow's Thursday!!

Tomorrow is an enthusiastic day for all of us as it is -SPORTS DAY! I’m sure there will be screaming and shouting and Hoo-Raaays! As to encourage their friends to win in each events. Not to forget the Boooos to get their counterpart distracted. I could imagine myself in the crowd yelling and jumping with the kids.


Today, the field event was held. That includes the shot put, long jump, high jump, javelin throw, and discus throw for 3 categories of women and men (group A, B,and C). It was quite sad for the ‘Mataking’ Sport house as we only managed to get 2 medals of gold today and consequently dragged us being in the 4th place.

I told them that it wasn’t the medals that really count, but, it’s the team spirit they have for each other, that counts.

I won’t be so much busy to arrange and re-arrange my runners (as i did last year) This year I am no longer the Chairperson’s Assistant for ‘Mataking’ sport house.(thank god!) It was really a blessing to see my name not listed as the leader of the sport house. It was so much a relief!!!

Tomorrow I’m on duty!! - Another basking under the scorching sunlight task- ‘time keeper’! Waaaaargh!!

I’m sure gonna die, grounding myself in the house for 1 month hahahahaha..LOL! Well, it's a long row to hoe after all... Just to get back my once fair skin. As if I was fair before hahahahah( so perasan me)...

A date with my beloved one and beloved friend

Tomorrow is my date to meet my beloved one. We have longed been apart and being apart was the moment of Loyalty and trustworthy test. As days passed by, his absence made my heart grow fonder. So, I’m flying off to Kota Kinabalu from Tawau. I haven’t seen him for almost 4 weeks. I really missed him..And Valentine is just around the corner. I just couldn’t imagine going out for dinner with the TANNED me huhuhuhhhu...

I’m so happy as to come back to KK as i’ll be meeting with my beloved friend Natasha,who will soon fly back to Australia! Haven’t seen her since herrmmmm(thinking) 10 years, i guess! Whoa! I missed the times we had together:) So, it’s time we gather those pieces of jigsaw memories back and frame it in our hearts..... I can’t wait to get myself on land in KK!

I'm tanned!

We had another netball training in the hot, scorching afternoon at 3pm. Man! It was really Howt!!

As the wind brushed on my face, i felt the heat and it wasn't an experience you would love trying.
I had to wear a layer of black long shirt as to avoid from getting burnt. However, it wasn't 100% guaranteed.
I was still getting the scorching sun on my skin...
No matter how i tried to escaped..
The tone color of my skin shows an obvious change after 2 weeks in a row, basking under the angry sunlight.

But, i'd rather not complain as Sports Day is only celebrated Once in a year!!~Wink~

~We waited for the others to come~
~Apas Netball team player~
~They had A few trials.... and this One Was the BEST!~
~We were ready to jump~
~I jumped as if i never had jumped in my life~
~I love to be YOUNG Again~