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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::



I was having problems to get connected in the hi-tech world these days. Apart from my workloads, my broadband was in a terrible state. I couldn't comprehend what went wrong. Chinese New Year was a blast! Went back to my hometown with pride as i just got back my car. Yeah! However, i couldn't bring it back to Tawau due for obvious reason-road condition. So, i left it home and gave full trust to the family. However, after a few days, mom called telling me that my brother had made a small cracking in front of the bumper. I couldn't imagine the small crack, but i imagined worse. A few days back, another call was about another crash being done by 'si daddy'. Well, i don't mind much as he has the dough. But, I would sure like the car being fixed before i get my ass home.

(Unfortunately, the damage of the car was not fixed as i got home in March for school holidays.)

~sadness in the air~