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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

::SPKS(System Pengurusan Kualiti Sekolah)::

Wow! It has been events after events which have been surprisingly making my day in my home sweet home.

After the transfer, i no more had to buy tickets online in advanced nor should i get packed on Sunday and drive back to KK to fly to Tawau. I need not to hug my families with teary eyes and get to see them only when time permits.

Everything has changed but the difference was i had to drive back and fro to my new school. And going to school in the afternoon is not my daily routine previously and i find it so hard to get adapted. When i reached school, i tend to get sleepy and tired even though it has already marked 2 months. And i never will give up though!

We are still lending classes from SK Chint Mata(Primary school) while our SMK Chinta Mata's(secondary school) school is still under road construction. So, we are hoping we could enter before next year~winks~I was told, that this particulary newly school was big and spacious compared to the other 5 schools here in Tenom. The design was much better and updated. I was very lucky to be transferred in this school. I only taught 6 periods as we have only 3 classes for Form One. I'm in heaven hhhhahhahaha.....

Being transferred, i hold a few posts in the school as if i knew a lot about administration things. Like being Head of English Panel, Head for PK 1(Panels Management) and also as an Auditor of the school. With a 3 year experience, i have became a 10 year more experience with this filing system hahhhah.. I was glad even though at first i grumbled, but this work is really fun! And eventually made me an Auditor at the District level. ~Scary~

We are now walking ourselves to the verge of standardizing our filing system which is called (SPKS) Sistem Pengurusan Kualiti Sekolah. We are the second district after Kota Marudu carried out this system. And NOW i knew that white soft files, should be written using standard writing blocks and in blue pen. Every documents should be stamped with blue circle if it goes out from the file and stamped red if the document is filed in. This is actually clerks job and teachers should know this too. It is of course new to us teachers but not to clerks. Hehehehe...

So, i'm currently busy updating files to be audited and auditing others work. We were trained not to find any mistakes but to help the teachers what to do and how to do. This was emphasized by our honourably PPD Tuan Ajmal Hj Jumah. And greatly to say, i am under his team...~Scary~! Matilah...

I've heard also after we went auditing to a few schools, news came up saying that auditors in Tenom was looking for mistakes instead of helping in Metro Harian(forgot the date). But i hope the credibility of all auditors in Tenom and the ones under me which was PK4 (Students' Exercise Books) had learned what needed to be improved. I hope schools could receive any comments with being made during the auditing process with open hearted. And so far, i had a very collborative teachers under me and i would like to thank you all for the cooperation they(YOU ALL) had given.

::1 Malaysia Run::


'Larian 1 Malaysia' is an event where we join hand in hand together to run and have fun! As we SMK CHINTA MATA's teachers are still sharing the SK CHINTA MATA'S school, we eventually combined the two schools for the run!

Having only 59 students at this moment is still not easy to handle as our kids are still acting as if they were still in their 6th grade. Varieties of behaviour are making us phsychological teachers to tame them and get them to shape. I should be reading about books on kids behaviour nowadays..NOT!

Yesterday i really had fun taking pictures! And the students really had fun posing! ~Winks~