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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

Coffee Festival 2011

In conjuction with the Prime Minister's visit to Kemabong, our Chief Minister had came earlier this afternoon to launch the Coffee festival and simultaneously to see how far the preparation was.

Tenom is famous for its rapidly growing coffee products with 3 different companies(if i'm not mistaken or is it 2 hahahah). Well, coffee is one of the best and ultimate drinks for elders in the olden days. And i could still remember my grandfather stirring up his hot coffee early in the morning. With just a sip, he gets all his energy!

Villagers will make coffee for their breakfast and is a must to bring when they are at thier orchard or paddy fields for the rest of the day. Coffee reflects strengthness! But beware not to get addicted to it!~winks~

It was scorching hot walking under the sun today. We went to Kemabong around 11am. We missed church today hehehheheeh....I was basking under the striking sun.Man!!

Mom was in-charged with the catwalk for the beauty paegant 2011. So, as a fan of beauty pagaent, my siblings and i followed my Mom to the rehearsal which starts at 2pm.

Here were a few snaps:

~During the speech(to officiate the Coffee Festival)~

~It was scorching hot~

~Ronnie delivered very powerful songs~
I was really entertained at his angelic voice.

~Me and the Clown~

~Hahahahah..Now I realized i am too SHORT~

~How'd i wished i was as tall as them~

P/s: They will be having another full rehearsal on the 29th.June.2011.Anyone would like to come, please by all means do come at your own risk! hahahahhaa-Joking!

Reminder:Full rehearsal will be on the 29th.June.2011.

There were 13 more contestants who couldn't make it today!

Wish them all the best luck!



This is just a simple update!

On the 4th, June,2011. I managed to pull myself through the hazardous of workloads and my packing schedules as i was to be transferred back to my hometown to attend my friend's wedding reception~winks~ I would like to give myself a pat on my shoulder..

Loviana or mostly called 'Lubi', is my coming to 8 years of friendhsip has finally tied the knot.

Her husband 'VERS' is a very happy guy. He is so friendly and gets tuned up with us(Teslian Cohort 1) so quick. He's PR is so good! heheheheheh

The wedding reception was held at RasaRia Resort! It was a meaningful event for both of them and we were there to share the JOY!

Lubi is a girl who never wear make-ups and never will you find her in heels. What made me sooooooo wanting to attend was -TO SEE HER IN MAKE-UPS AND HEELS- Yikes!

She looked so beautiful and elegant on that night! I gasped for air to see how beautiful she was.

And i wished and hoped for their happiness as they embraced each other with a happy smile and a happy ending!