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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

::Happy yet sad::


I believe that it's a dream come true when it comes to a 'Happy Wedding,right? Who wouldn't be! Being with the one person we love so much for our entire love is just undescribable.

And so the story begins:

A friend of mine who is in her late 30's has now tied the knot for after so long being single and alone. And i am VERY MUCH happy and content to see her on her big day. Even though she is in her late 30's, you wouldn't even see her carrying the digits. She looks favourly young and sweet, as if she was in her 20's.

Meeting her partner for quite some time and have the same feelings towards each other. The groom decided to call it an end to thier hide-and-seek relationship ~winks~

It was now, to tell everyone!

During the day of the Nikah which was held at 3pm, her dad had passed away 30 minutes earlier. The room went into teary atmosphere when it was announced her dad has gone. She was one great strong lass! She cried, but she managed to pull a smile on her face during the 'Nikah' ceremony was on. I was holding on tough too, but i couldn't and i ran out from the room. Crying at the other room of hers.

After the 'Nikah' ceremony, she quickly changed her outfit and quickly with her husband, drove quickly to where her father was(at her Sister's house) which was 5km away. It was the saddest moment in my life. A happy day yet a Sad day.

~Students came to help during the 'Nikah' ceremony~

~Students posing themselves~

Nikah cermony:

~Early Morning~

~Before Nikah, she had to 'mengaji' recite the surrahs in the al-Qurran~

~I was only there to view my beloved friend reciting the Qurran~

~On the same day, Aqiqah was also held out for her nephew and nieces~

~Aren't the babies just so cute and adorable?~

~After the Reciting and the Aqiqah was done~

~We head in her room to take pictures~

::The Groom has come::

~The 'Nikah' ceremony was done~

It was a sad moment as at this time she knew her father has left her on her wedding day.

~We took pictures after the ceremony was done~


::Second Day::

~The Groom has come~

~They just look so beautiful and handsome together~

~Kak Ida and kak Hanita~

The hugging moment....

~The big family~

~With friends and colleagues~

~Fong and i~

~The gorgeous Bride and Groom~

~Left:Artisitic picture~

~The 2nd dress~

~The Guests~

::I pray for their happiness::

::Happy Teacher's Day::

It was Teacher's Day on May,16th,2011. My colleagues have been planning this dinner about 3 weeks ago and i almost had forgotten about it as i was packed with other things which kept me busy for the past 3 weeks.

So, during school hours, they reminded me of the dinner and i pondered "dinner?". Looking at my bewildered face, i was given an Inferno echos of 'How dare you forgot about our dinner'. I was smacked by the butt with a long cane(Tell you, it doesn't happen not only to students but to an adult like me)~winks~ FYI, my colleagues are mostly 20 years older than me. So, i get canned for stupid things. But, i always get honored by blessed loves and care by them~winks~ I'm into this gang of 'sporting mommas' and i liked being in their club hahahahahah.

At 7.00pm sharp, Kak Ida and Kak Sugiarti came to my place and we car pooled in my car to ABU SAYAf's restaurant. It's not owned by a terrorrist but the restaurant's name is like a that since i first came here. Furthermore, it was my ex-student's restaurant. I just don't understand why? But who cares, it was cheap! 10 people eating with dishes of 4 big fish, vegies, shrimps and other seafoods cost only RM200.

I was damn full!

So, here's the BIG FAMILY:

After we had our dinner, Kak Ida wanted to go and have a drink. Man! If i follow this mommas, i'll gain weight in no time~winks~

~I really had fun!~

Happy Teacher's Day

::A trip to the Cattle Farm::

It was my first time to the Cattle Farm in Ranau and driving up the steep hilly hills and up to the top to the Cattle Farm. It was cold and windy. The wind gently touches my skins which i end up with goose-bumps all the time we were there.

As we arrived, i got out from the car and said 'Damn!' The view was hell-Yes soothing and beautiful. We were only disturbed by the smell. Hahahahahah...I'm sure some of you have been to cATTLE fARM IN rANAU before.And it regards me as the most 'sakai-ness' lass.

I have seen beautiful scenery pictures of ex-students and friends via facebook. And read descriptions of the pictures taken which looks as if they were in overseas. But, just couldn't figure out where in Ranau.

(dreamt to go to the cattle farm in 2010)

I wanted to snap a few pcitures there as the view is very beautiful,but having less knowledge of the place and not good in directions, my dream has faded until March 2011. It was a dream come true!Heheheheeh...(sakai) My significant other is good at directions. And i can say, he's my best partner ever when it comes to reading MAPS~winks~His work made him an expert!

We drove to Ranau JUST to take pictures of the VIEW.

Here's a few snaps:

~Photo courtesy goes to me beloved one and only(Mr.Right Guy)~

~I really liked the place even though it smellssssss~hehehehehehe. . . .

~He could be one of the 'Bachelor Models'~Ahakz! just need to slim down , i guess!

~As we were happily taking pictures, we heard bells ringing and a line of cows~It was just what we were aiming for. We came at the right time.

~We just couldn't stop snapping. And we really could pull thru in modelings,huh?.(NOT!)~

I really had fun! We were actually practicing how to pose in front of the lens as we were going for our pre-wed photoshoot a week after this trip was taken.

Whatmore, we were just metres away from the Mountain.Stress-free...
Oh, when we were heading home and going down the hill, the brake pads were warning us by the smells of the brake pads. I was worried yet i regain calmness when i saw my Him steadily driving without fear. I guessed he's used to it already! Unless if there were smokes coming from the hood, i guess he'll panick too ~winks~ I would be already running like a mad lass,jumping out from the car,if it ever happens.

Professional Learning Communities Leson Study -Sabah ZOne-


The workshop started on May,3rd,2011. This programme is to inject the way of increasing the scool's GPMP of every school who are under band 6 and 7 to achieve the NKRA's listed goals.

This Lesson Study is to improve the way of teaching in the class where, we will call teachers of our certain subject to gather together and to observe the teaching process of a lesson. Comments will surely be needed in producing a better lesson plan and the way of teaching in a certain lesson which is conducted.

Every teacher of its certain subject will come in a selected class and observe the way the lesson is conducted and the lesson plan as well.

Having said that, being observed is such a scary stage; but this is WHAT we need to do in carrying out this LESSON STUDY.

It will be another workload for a very timid person like me but i have no option to say 'NO' but as i think over-It's all for the sake of our children and the nation! I will do my best!

~Me and Kak Fatimah~

~The working atmosphere amongst teachers and PPDs~

Below Pic:Datin, Proffs,Docs, and etc.....

~Left: Mr Gerard(my lecturer)~
Right: Guru cemerlang Madam Jugdeep(our facilitator)

~I couldn't run from not capturing the moments~

~We took every chance snapping at the nook in just a nick of time~winks~