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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

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There's never a place where you would stay safe and comfy and free to do whatEVER u like.....Its the ONLY place where you call 'HOME'... Im back home fur the RAYA holidays. Yihaaaa! Ticket plane was bought 3 months earlier. I'm so glad being back home on my queen sized bed being covered by pinky lovely flowery patterns bedsheet. And not to forget the dark purple colored wall. Oh! This is what i was actually missing for the past few weeks. I thought i missed my Honey but actually i discovered that i Missed my BEDROOM hahahaha... Well, anyways can't deny ..i do always Miss my Honey so much. Can't compare him to my bedroom... His more than i could think right now:p

I just can't wait for the RAYA CELEBRATion to start! I actually can't wait to get my weight increased(which i actually am concern)from the biscuits and dishes served. I'll have to get ready with the tea herbs for the digestion part heheheh...... nanti sembelit pulak!
My family is a multi racial family. We celebrate CHinese New Year, Raya and Christmas... And now we are trying for the Deepavali celebration..Herrmm...Waiting fur my single cousins to y' know hahhahaha...

Selamat Hari Raya to my muslim friends out there:) I'm Celebrating too. hahahaha

SUnday...Was on time for mass:)


~Today's SUnday..It's repenting session.This is the Rosary which is my protector while driving~

Slept late at night. Set the alarm so i could get ma ass out from bed on time because i know for sure i would wake up late. My alarm rung at 6 sharp. I stopped it and continued sleeping. I slept for another additional 30 minutes. I sat on the bed with my wrinkly pink pyjamas. Gave a short pray before showering. I took a few seconds sitting in front of mimi's lappy before boiling my hot water to shower. Went to the kitchen and boiled the water. It was the day of the month and i really need warm water to avoid me from getting cold and (masuk angin)WHile waiting, i took off my pyjamas and throw it in the laundry basket and tug out a new washed towel from the closet and wrapped myself in it. I surfed a few website and read blogs. Few minutes later, i heard the kettle shouting and screeching in the kitchen. "WOw! I didnt realized that i had been sitting here for a few minutes already". I said to myself. "It was just as if i had just glued ma butt Here", I continued. Hehehehe...


It was already 7:30am when i got out from the bathroom. I dried myself up with the towel and wrapped myself in it again. I took a small amount of Garnier Mousterizer and spread it on my face equally. I cemented the compact powder evenly and tried to look closer in the mirror if there are any lines or over whitened powder that can cause from excessive or left behind watery area. Sometimes i get it it from my wet hair. When drying my hair tiny sprinkly water will fall on the face and i will always forget to wipe my face with the towel. Cuz these sprinkly drops, you won't feel!

Put on my make ups which are simple and basic ones only. Eyeliner, eyeshadows...Walaaah! That's it! I'm ready to go...Ooops, clothing! I forgot! The time was already 8:30am. OMG! I'm really gonna be late. I won't have time to take my breakfast at the canteen. So, I rushed to the fridge and grab the bread and Planta (which i just bought yesterday with mimi and Lina at GIANT) heheheh...Spread the planta on the bread and ate em' all up. I almost ate 4 single squared-breads...

Rushed to the car and Drove off to the main road that directs me to Church!

Yes! I was on time....

Was on my way back home.Didn't have anywhere to go as i was too lazy to go out. The weather was HOT and also hazy.

~ Pictures taken while driving~

~Taken this pict from the balcony. See, how hazy it is~

Not shopping but working


A story to tell...
When you are flying over the sea, it's either you have a business, Really serious business going on, or either you are in an emergency, OR on a trip to some place else where. Mind you here, that my trip flying isn't niether of the two statements above and yes to the last! It was supposed to be a very exciting holiday! Going shopping is what we girls tend to do when we get our feets at the right place at any particular time...It'll be like shop till you DROP! My Honey will always say " SHop til you Die" Translation in men's world dictionary -"I'm So Jealous, you can buy things for yourself" Too bad for guys.....
Oh ya! Remembered the time that i got stuck at home for 6 days not going anywhere..(that was in May), just being the housewife at home..doing all the chores??? And on the last day, was actually shopping time for me, But 'HE" was also busying himself buying stuff for himself. I went like.."Helloooo??!!!" WHo is actually going back home(Sabah) here? You or me??!! ( i didn't say that in front of him cuz i don't wanna hurt him, Supposedly HE should understand) People out there "cari lelaki yang pandai pi shopping"
I don't mind him buying stuff but HE doesn't want to buy things on his own..MAu jugak Bini sama2...Haiyooo...this cannot be! Well, that's past... Let bygones be bygones...eeeeee, Geraaam!
(This happened on the DAY i was flying off back home)
Used the time i have to SHOP-ALONE!
But i was really happy cuz my Honey went to work and i was dropped at the Mall. It was kinda early for peninsular People to open up the stores. It was already 9:45am. I was in my white singlet and a long grey clothing korean jacket to cover me up, covered my legs with my blue faded jeans and a very simple black slipper(slipar jipun) that i think did not go with what i was wearing. But who cares! I'm going shopping without My Honey hehehe:)
I bought :
1/. new pair of wedges
2/. 2 pairs of jackel shirts + a belt
3/. 3 pairs of contact lenses(brown,grey n pure hazel)
-i wantd the sterling grey bt it was ot ef stock,so i had te tke pure hazel(wanna gve it a TRY)
4. Cleo and Hot=Rm 11 ++ only. I love Subang. Very cheap
5. 2 colors of elianto eyeshadows...
6. lunch(with ma laling)
-It was 12++, he managed in time to have lunch.-
Gud thang! I hd bot wat i wanted b4 he came hehehehe..
5.G.I.Joe Cd??---KEluar next week saja.(how lorr?) x jd beli ho..


My days, weren't filled with shopping and outing events. The 5 days in KL, brought me into his work field WORLD. I was brought to sites that needed to be attended. His phone was always ringing and singing. I sometimes get very pissed off, whatmore when it was nappy times..Ugh! I wanted to put the phone in silent mode, but i can't!
Here's a few snaps of me:

~I posed witot noticing that there was a sarung in front ef me..ha5.~
Was on the 8th floor..was so dizzywhen we drove the spiral entrance.
macam roller coaster pusing2 jak

~Was trying to avoid the sarung, but it seems the 'it' wants to join in too~Nvmndlah...
~For those who does not own a bus, Here you are, guys! Take one, free 15 years in jail! Hahahaha

~Tryin to be an engineer myself...Hehehe~
Im a Gud actor! As if thinking what to do next.. To be Frank, i dun even understand what the hell those numbers,alphabets and links are.....They dun seem to make any sense to me...their not ENGLISH!

Anniversary Celebration


I believe everyone has their own certain memorable date to celebrate. Even though that day was a day she/he found their long lost favorite underwear. And poeple do celebrate for that certain occasion. Errm, are there people who do that? I surely don't know, but who knows. Well, today was a day to celebrate my anniversary...3rd anniversary. People out there for sure have their particular dates to celebrate... Who dosen't, rite? Well, 01 September 2006 is a date to be remembered and to be cherished every year. This date has brought us both together like fish and water( i can't get anything in my mind to explain how we can't live without each other).
We didn't have fancy restaurants in our list tonight. I don't go for that anyways. I prefer being in such not so fancy place... So, i chose 'Secret Recipe' (subang parade) cause both of us are going to write on a tissue paper on how we feel about each other for the past 3 years..... and the list goes on...So, the exciting part was, we'll exchanged it and keep this SECRET letters of ours and open it next year in 2010. So, we can only read the content next year...and it'll depend on how good we are of taking care of the tissue paper letter. hehehee..Kewl huh!
These are a few snaps:

~Trying to look as happy as i can be, As i was so Happpy~

~Smiling for the celebration and proud he got me as his wanna-be future WIfe~

~Me and My Honey waiting fur the foods and beverages~

~Our foods...ready to be digested, heeemmm,,,yummy~

~Preparing to write our secret messages-to be read in 2010~

~Man! So serious writing..Heemm, Wondering what could he probably say about me~
~The food we devoured~

~Gosh! He was still writing~

~What a cheater! He ate all of it without leaving me a single thing~
~I didn't snap the clean plate he left me~

~He enjoyed his Tom Yam so much~

Happy Anniversary To YOu!xoxo....
oops, i meant US