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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

A boring flight!

Written on plane:
It was quite boring when you have nothing to do on the plane. So, my advice for all of you is that, get any games or activity in your head well planned or don’t sleep for the entire hours before flying off.

I regretted so much for sleeping during my trip from Tenom to KK. And thanks so much for not having any books beforehand to read on plane. Such a suffering to wait till I touch down land again.

Good thing I got my new laptop with me. With no books and trying to sleep for the rest 2 hours led me into typing all these mind babbling alphabets.
saw 2 American ladies reading books; my left side partner has long gone into her dream land. But in the interval times she got up and corrected her sleeping position. Another minute she would sleep; laying her back against the seat and doze off and another minute she would bend her back a bit and nestled her head into her quite comfortable arms;arms placing on the open table, curling like a ‘tenggiling’ (don’t know what that is in English heheheh:p

The other aunty on the 3rd seat near the aisle, placed her head in her 2 palms as if she was in a stress mode;but she wasn’t...while keeping her elbow on the open table front:)
I found it fun to keep my eyes on guard while writing and time did passed by very fast as I didn’t realize it was almost near to land again. How could I tell when I have no watch with me? Well, the plane will surely fly down and the momentum of flying down makes my heels almost losing touch on the floor centimetre by centimetres. Good way of telling huh? That’s how I always do to avoid asking from people what the time was....

I really can’t wait to see my honey! It has been a while since we met in October. There were lots of things to catch up on him. Communicating on the phone wasn’t enough for me:p I need more and i need to see him LOL:)

I wanted to give him something from airasia free duty perfumes. When I asked the stewardess it was only sold for international trip. I was sad for not getting him anything. I really hoped he didn’t mind.

I’m sorry for not having a flawless writing as i am writing due to my likeness of mind and my fingers are just following orders. Ok i think i’ll have to stop till now. It’s time to go DOWN! YipeeeeeeeJ I like the feeling of going down..My soul is just not with me during the downing process. I don’t know whether English has a ‘downing process’ in the dictionary. And im sure there isn't such! Well, good night and sleep tight!

Strike on Air...

Am on my way back to KL again. I rather be uphelding than to wither in the upmost subjective matter of coldness being in this air-con building waiting upon arrival of my AK 5109.
I just cant wait to get my ass on the plane and touch down land. I had a tremendous 10 hours driving trip from Tawau to KK and continued my driving range uphill to Tenom after a 2 days stay in the hoeel with my friend.
I think my plane has yet to arrived while im writing this entry. And i think i have to pull the plug now or i might get left behind heheheheh:)

She got hitched!


Yesterday was an eating event. First, i went out for lunch with the 'gangs' at MUSLIM seafood restaurant.
We were served with varieties of dishes. And it was delicious. All of them. We didn't even manage to finish it all up even though there were 11 of us.

Attended a friend's wedding. She was so damn gorgeous in her dress. We were entertained with lovely singers. It was so loud but that's how it was supposed to be. Loud and Crowd:)

I never attended a wedding here in Tawau. So, it was quite an experience to attend one. Suddenly, when we were about to 'salam' the bride and groom...Poof. BLACKOUT!
We intended to take a few pictures with the couples but we failed. So, we waited and waited,hoping that the lights will pop on anytime. Minutes past by and there were no signal that it will turn back on.
Good thing the video man had his light on, on his vid cam. So, it wasn't that pitched dark:) We took the chance to give a simple hug before we left. And the light was adequate for us to take a few snaps....Hehehehehe:)

Congrats Ann!

Crystals of chandeliers...

Today's the day of our annual lucheon. I came with the 'Simba' style.

I had no choice but to BRING OUT my ancestors tribe.

Lol *Laughing + roaring*...

Our semi-formal luncheon was held in Promenade Hotel. It's the prestige hotel in Tawau and was just launched last year. So, it's still BRAND NEW! And things were also NEW eheheheh....

The 2 new teachers(Siti Fairuz & Siti Noor), Kak Zunaidah, Kak khairaty and me took off from home at 11:20am and arrived at Great Eastern sharp at 11:40am.

No parking was reserved for us. Who would, btw??

So i parked along in line with other cars on the left wing of the hotel. The four ladies were already ahead out from me to the Hotel. When, i was on my way out from the car, i saw Cikgu Mazlan coming to his car. I thought he had forgotten something but he told me to park in the building as to be safe from being summoned.

(Yeah! Good idea. I don't wanna get the 4th ticket!)

I've already been summoned with 3 tickets by now..

So, you guys out there might as well know how i am GOOD in BREAKING the LAW!

By Accident-

Rushed back to the car and drove to the parking spaces provided in the building of Great Eastern.

I parked my car on the 3rd floor.

Directed myself to the Lobby.... and went into the lift...

Came out on the 6th floor...

I was lost as there were two open paths ready to take me in. One way was to the Lab and the other way was a big gigantic entrance. And in front of me was a small two-splitted door. I was about to enter the door right ahead of me and stopped when i saw a written board on the upper wall 'Staff Only'.

Well, that's a good sign! Giving me a clue to cross that- One out!

So, i took the other path that leds me to a very large door which belongs to a gigantor's entrance Home... WOW! So, as i walked myself in..I saw familiar faces, and i was happy to see them. As i walked in the ballroom, I was amazed at how big and spacious and beauoooooo-tiful the scene in the ballroom was.

I was really stunned to see the square crystal was a 13" 10' in size( maybe, i was just guessing)....How'd i wish to have one at home....

There were many presents given away. There were 4 new teachers coming in and another 7 teachers moving out. WHich is a sad moment when a few teachers gave thier speech about the memories they had.

~The present i recieved during the event~

I really had a very fun time! The members of the table that day were "sporting"....And they made my day!

bride jilted at altar, turns Halloween-themed wedding into party for senior citizens

Teanne Harris, pictured during an earlier trip to Hawaii, returned to there for what was supposed to be her honeymoon.

A jilted bride turned her heartache into a Happy Halloween for hundreds of senior citizens.
Teanne Harris, who lives outside of Chicago, was supposed to walk down the aisle Saturday when her fiance suddenly got cold feet.

And when Harris and her mom went to retrieve their deposit from the suburban catering hall where the reception was to be held, they were told it was too late.
Sitting in the parking lot sad and depressed, Harris was commiserating with her mom,
Bari, when they glanced over at the Asbury Court Retirement Community across the street - and a light bulb went off in their heads.

"It was a hurtful time for her," said Mary Eichenfeld, the resident services director at the facility in Des Plaines, Il. "They were just sitting in their car and decided to make something good out of the disastrous situation."

Instead of letting a Halloween-themed wedding reception go to waste, Harris, 34, and her mom decided to move the festivities across the street.
"She came in one day and said she wanted to make a donation," said Eichenfeld. "I don't think she knew anybody here, and we don't get offers like that. So we were thrilled and so were our residents. It came out of the blue."

By all account, the bash was a blast. The wedding DJ played oldies. The tables were decked out with candy jars and feathered masquerade masks. The banquet hall served up a senior-friendly meal. And the guests dressed up as everything from Dracula to Raggedy Ann.
As for the bridal bouquet, Harris had it placed in the chapel of the old folks' home.
"She came to the party and while I saw her smiling, I'm sure she was feeling pretty bad,"
said Eichenfeld.

Harris's mom, Bari, said she too felt sad for her daughter but glad she could give the seniors a treat.
A simple message for whom to be concerned:
Dear honey,
There's nothing MUCH i would want from you,
There's NOTHING more i would have from you,
There goes the winding ROAD for us both,
I appreciated so much for you to LEAD,
I thank you for not leaving me BEHIND,
And the Responsibility you claim to DO .
Shower me with pure LOVE,
Splatter me with Sweet Smiles,
CLing me with your bulk of JOkes,
Juggle me when i'm down,
AND don't SINGLE-me-out when things get out in hand.
Say "You Love me", Message me" you Miss Me",
Call me "You really am my TRUE friend till eternity"
copyright @2009:flylanegurl....
P/s: Don't Turn me into a jilted BRIDE! Or i'll sure jeopardize you with a blissful jinx hahhaaha:p

A Luncheon with the Crew of SMKJA


It's a usual thing to have an annual dinner to celebrate for all the hardworks and efforts we 'teachers' had done for this year.

Every year, our school celebrates 'annual dinner'. But this year end of fiesta is a bit different from the previous years. We are changing from dinner to lunch.....

We are changing from Night to Day....

We are changing to go for a Brighter Day...

We are heading for a brighter new resolution for next year; WE PRAY!

It'll be luncheon for all the cabin crews of SMKJA flite XEA 3066. . . . .

I haven't have anything in mind to wear on that day....

I sure would not wear JEans, Nor revealing blouses...

I sure am not going To WEAR Baju Kurung..... Unless,

it's decorated with sparkling beads and embroided with beautiful flowery flowers that makes me a DiVa :p

But, it seems i have not Even a SINGLE one collection in my closet....


So, what am i wearing is still a Question i may have to answer before Saturday....

Married alas!

Congratulation! It's the Official document which i'm looking forward to :p

20 years of Friendship has passed by. Lost contact for a few years and met back in 2001 was a moment to remember.

As we grew up, we went on our different paths that led us to a better future. She went to Australia and applied for a permenant residence - while i kept my butt stick on the rich land of Sabah.
On our way in life, we met with different guys. We tripped and fell and got up and move on until we met our true LOVE ONES.

I got engaged. And she got engaged later.

She got married. And i Haven't.

We didn't talk much now. But, we try to keep in touch.

Really missed her.
And i loved seeing her happy. I loved seeing how beautiful she was in that dress.

P/s: I wish her happiness, loads of blessings and a full bulk of loves......
Shasha, OMG! You're married!!!!!!!