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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::



It is January 2011, the opening of the year. It seems like it was just yesterday I have been attached to blogging. And it marked 3 years since 2008 and yet I am not that active. Writing is my passion but somehow I am trapped with workloads that unable me to keep my writing frequently in this hi-tech server. Anyways, I keep a diary with me and help me to pinpoint and mark events, occasions and feelings that I felt I need to write about. I wish my short journals from 2008 helps my kids and my grandchildren to see how their ‘mother’ or ‘nanny’s’ possible life was back then when they weren’t yet existed. (Imagining and smiling adding up the smirk to end the imagination)

I’ve had lots of ups and downs in the past years corresponding with the students’ achievements, my family’s furious matters-(losing 3 members in the big family was a tragic moment 2 years in a row) and my housemate(ahakz!)

Life wasn’t that kind to me in the interval days of last years’ chapter. I enrolled and encountered bumpy roads and only did I glide along smoothly –which was countable-.

Resolutions?? Hahahaha..i did my list and it happens that I scratched all of them out and came back to zero. Well, I guess I’ll have my new resolutions every now and then in my everyday beings. Making it possible to achieve it or not-well, that depends on how determine I am. Oh there is one resolution that is glued in my list! I remember now! TO GET MARRIED! Yihaaaa!

I can’t possibly change that now as I’m dying to aim for it! No aiming on buying hi-tech devices, nor cars, nor a house or whatever it is that completes my need. It’s just that one thing which is to say my vows in front of God the Almighty~winks~

*Have a blessed New Year To all of you! May health and wealth cringe in our episode of 2011!*

Peace and Love,