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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::


On Friday which was GOOD FRIDAY, I was already a day earlier in my hometown to celebrate Easter with my family. And the significant occassion that urged me to fly back home was, My fiance' was going to be baptized. Thank you Lord!

He really had troubles in the 5 years we were together to complete his class. Now that he is baptized, i now could clear off my mind from one of the stage to say my vows end of this year. But, not that everything has ended. This is just the begginning and there are more to do, and more to cover up. Well, i hope whatever it is, we could pull through together.

~The preparation before Easter Celebration~

~I met my Senior with his first child(I forgot whether the baby was a she/he)


~During the rehearsal and penerimaan 'Minyak Karisma'~

~He finally made his way to the LIGHT of God's WAY~


He may now recieve the Holy Bread. The excitement on his face shows how happy he was. I am thankful to God!