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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

Just filling Up the air of Boredom!

Taking a Pict of myself in the staffroom...

My Messy table! It shows the true color of how diligent i am when it comes top workLOad hahahaha..

Sitting on my Maroon swivel chair, I took out Mimi's cute 9" HP mini lappy and on it to access the internet. I was quite bored today as i had everything completed. EVen for the ULBS marks. i cruised into my oblivious mind searching for any plans or things to do, I JUST COULDN'T see anything striving up the surface. I don't even know what to surf. SO, here i am Talking nonsense of the nonsense things i feel like spitting out. SO, here i am making out what's best to fill in the interval times of boredom.

Yesterday, i went to see my tailor..Aiseyman! Ada tailor bah.Feels like urang kaya plak:P I spent almost ...Oh No!RM70 only for the kain. Which is quite not cheap. Thatt's not including the upah jahit lagi tu....WEll, I just can't wait to see how i will look like in it. I'm beggining to have this hobby of 'Baju Kurung moden' Collection. I think it's because my environment of workplace encouraged me too. WHich is GOOD! Heehehe..My students really have the hobby of 'WHat's she gonna wear tomorrow'? Y, know that kinda thing... Well, i think that mind culture had already been within us since,,,even during my times. We tend to have this culture to see what teachers are going to wear. Whatmore, for those teachers who are born with style . And i'm proudly to say that I'm One of them hahahahaha...Too much of a Pride being let out today! Selfish me!

In conclusion, I have to go. Recess is in 2 minutes time and i have to turn on the English songs on air.SO. SO much of my babbling today! SHould i post this? I think i should!

My Tummy's Full For the Month of JUne!

~The Tummy all Filled up with Diesel and Petrol~
June is a month of filled up tummy month. Last Saturday(20/06/09), we had a barbecue at Kak Leha's House with all the other Kakak-kakak in my school. The list of names will be dragging my time into a waste. You'll get to know them if you tend to get updated in my blogs. Their names will be popping in the long run..hahahah:) This occasion is actually to celebrate their Birthdays'; who were Kak leha herself, Kak Hanita and Kak Sadariah. Here we are:

Kak Nita's Husband was concentrating the process of chewing up the 'Sayap Ayam'

They were singing the theme song of the day 'HAppy Burpday too u, u were Born in the Zoo' .They were the backup singers hahahah....Kak Misah-Bass, kak Tina-Second voice and Kak Sadariah-Suprano. So, if anyone thinks they can lead a band and entertain you at ur party Just call this trio up.....

Kak idah's Daughter (Kuntum) Sang the Song of Happy Birthday Voluntarily...Vocalist

The guys were full and had to give their tummy a rest.....except Kak Nita's husband who was still muching and chewing and grinding all way through:p

Notes: I wasn't in any of the pictures during the barbecue because i was the only one who was taking photos of them ~grin~

On Saturday(27/06/09) Afternoon, after giving out the report cards to the parents we marched ourselves to the restaurant. I followed Kak Ida's , pale brown in color Naza Ria. I had to be a conductor myself. I wasn't used to open the sort of mini van sliding door. Kak Is was sitting at the front seat. So, i had no choice than JUST be the conductor heheheh...Anyways, here is the big family; celebrating:-

Here are the dishes:


At NIGHT, it was another occasion: HAsnah Was leaving our school to further her studies in UPSI! ANd i was already full in the afternoon and the dinner in Pizza Hut was making my tummy bolting. I couldn't hide my tummy. It was so obvious that it was too full but i kept on eating hahahaha..... So much of gaining my wieght :)

The cake was already ready..and NOW it's ORDERING tyme....

Two Beautiful Lasses

Putung kuihnya, putung kuihnya hahahah......putung kuihnya oh Hasnah...

Just couldn't help myself to not dig in the cake...Commmon Man! It's Tirimisu?(Is that the correct spelling?) Oh, Who cares with the spelling! The taste of the cake was nice and Yummy!

Note: I had totally forgotten to take a few shots of how much pizzas we ate that night as i was busy eating hehehehehe.......

Well, That's all for my story about my good appetite this week!

Teachers' Day!

kHappy Teachers' Dayk

Last Friday, We celebrated Teachers' Day. Well, it was quite late to celebrate the event but we didn't want to get our ways doing too much things during exam weeks last months.So, it was like no celebration in the interval times of exam weeks. So we postponed it to 19th Jun...Or was that 18th...hahaha.. Lost track of date already. Too many things in my mind at this juncture. I gotta complete my unfinish business with the report cards. But i still wanna go through this every bit of my story. Back to my story!Well, We had a few games going on, on that day. After i went for aerobic i was already sweating before the game started.The games were Perchal-getah(Never heard about it but it was a game where you insert the band in the long straw and putting the straw in your mouth,(done this before, it was the name of the game that was giving me a lot of thinking. Then, there was the sponge game and Pinpong:

Here are a few shots:

kTrying to get myself warmed up before we begin k

kRun for your life! I tried my best to run. I ran with speed. But in this pict, it looks like i'm doing the slow motion runs! Gee! k

k Hah! I was exhausted already. And i had to cheat!Hahaha...
It was just all about having fun! k

kThis was the spongey sponge. Hahhaa..I took a plastic and pour the water in it,Ran & poured it in the bottle. i don't think you could see the plastic here hahahah.. Wow! How ....i just love my hair!
kI'm a good cheater! k

kWas trying my best to get the pinpong ball on the spoon! I need to exhale and inhale air! I can't breathe.Ugh! When i exhaled, the air came out via my nose making the pingpong ball which was light as a feather to almost jumped off from the spoon! Darn! I had to breathe and exhale slowly hahahaha...It was fun and tiring! You really need strategy..k

hNow i noticed that i'd kept my head up all the way to the finishing line hahahah

kTwo good cheaters! From Game ONE! k


kTeachers were all lining up to the multi-porpose hall for the closing ceremony!k

kSylvia, Kak Mas, Me And Kak Saadiah k

kUstazah And Kak Bayahk

kThese are my prezzies! I got the hamper for winning the pinpong game hehehe.. k

kThank very much Nur Arip! She gave me this cake! Nice huhk

In conclusion: I got a new shoes, a mizuno shirt "L" in size, a flower stand, a towel, a small tupper-ware and a CAKE! For teachers day! Heheheheh... The pair of shoes are nice and pretty!

Got Hold on The 4th Book At LAst!!! Yeah!

Nothing was perfect than getting hold on the 4th book of STephanie Meyer! Yesssss! Today's Saturday and this was the ONLY day for shopping since the first time i arrived in KL. Sad huh? Well, it was due to the work days. My honey couldn't bring me OUT and do the shoppings! Well, what to do! It's the one thing i had to survive. Being glued in the house wasn't actually very bad though. But I had a tremendous fun here being with my beloved one. Hehehehe... Guess it taught me not to be a spend-drifter. I'll just have to look at the bright side in order not to get upset.

Today, we went to SUBANG PARADE. Not much of things caught my eyes. The only main thing we went there was because of the book. MPH was there and so was the book. WHen we first entered the building, we directly headed to the directory board to lead us to MPH. I confidently drag my Honey to the escalator and led us to the lower ground floor. We walked and walked and finally ended into a sport store. Such a time wasted there as we only had a few hours before we need to hand over the car we borrowed from his cousin. Damn! Not to upset my Honey, i just tagged along. We went out the shop and walked back to the directory board which had first led us to the wrong place. The MPH was actually at the ground floor where we first entered the building. hahahahaha.... What an oblivious mind act! When i saw MPH! I was so happy. I meant VERY happy! As we entered, i went out with a smile carved on my face as i Finally got hold on the 4th book. I felt like screaming in success!

I need not worry more. I had what i wanted! We went in a few shops and got tired. AND Hungry hehheeh. Our first menu in our heads were RICE! Funny! Would we find rice in that building? You know, foods like MAlay foods. The answer was NO! There were only MC D, Kenny Rogers, Nandos...Ya know WESTERN Foodds. So, suddenly as we passed by the PIZZA HUT, suddenly without any warnings or signals both of us looked at each other simultaneously and smiled. So, we knew the answer. Our Lunch today was YES of course PIZZA! Man! I was full!Damn Full! We ordered more than we thought. We were very hungry as if we could eat all that we ordered. The Pizza Girl's jaw dropped in suprise to hear our orders and repeated it whether we would changed our minds but we DIDN'T! So, there goes a million of calories entering our throats and converted it into fats. I think i need to go the gym right after i arrived in Tawau.

I'm really sad at this juncture, knowing that tommorrow is my flight. I'll be leaving my honey soon. How'd i really wish i could come back on MOnday! Huhuhu ....~Sob~

Minds Off Reading; Minds on Cooking!

The past few days was boring. And of course, i tried to control myself from reading ECLIPSE as i am already getting near to the end and i haven't gotten the 4th book yet! I feel unssatisfied. So, i got myself doing something such as cooking! Hahaha..I'm getting better in cooking nowadays...NOW that i'm here! I had to prepare breakfast and all and i was fast! Everyone gets to fill up thier empty tummy before going for work. Am i not that diligent heheheheh... I am! However, everytime i sat undecidedly on the couch, my eyes directed me to the book that was placed safely on the aquarium. Ugh! Well, it wouldn't hurt to read a bit though, I convinced myself. So, without any hesitation, i drove myself to the aquarium and grabbed the book hungrily as i couldn't stand continue reading the part where i last left it. As i read, i felt the thickness of the page getting lesser. OH no! I must stop immediately! I closed the book with a thud! Thinking of what to do next.

I turned on the tv and i was on SWR! It was my fav prog. 'WHo's Line is it'...... It made me laugh all through.I glued ma butt in front of the tv searching for channels to fill up my head from reading. All i did was being a good housewife:The main agenda was COOKING! And i cooked Popiah YESTERDAY! it goes!
~Diliberately concentrating on the ROLLS~

~The Ingredients~

~The Half way fried popiah's~

~ Tadaaaaaa~Nice huh?~

New Moon Finished, Eclipse Half way.. I need The 4th Book!

I wrote my entry a head earlier, and I kept it safe in the computer before posting it, And I could only do it at night. I really had bad times to be connected. I dunt know what the problem was but I think I was unlucky. And talking about luck, I had to always wait for ‘My Honey’ to get back home in order for me to get the connection. He was my only KEY to the Internet. He’s the only one with the laptop and connection device. Today (May, 9th,2009), early morning I woke up at 7am (which was actually early being awake at this juncture in KL) heheheh…I washed myself and ran down to prepare breakfast for my honey. Herm… so good of being the good housewife. Well, will be a declared as a wife in 2 years time. Still I got a JOB.. Not to say I was totally a housewife…Just to show the chores I was doing was as if I was one. Heheheh….. Loved the word on me! Yikes! I’m getting so much far about this!

My Honey hiked his company’s car and rushed to work. There were sites to be attended much more compare to me.LOL. I was left behind in the empty house. Everyone went off to work leaving me who is on Holidays! I cooked, washed, mopped and eat….ALONE! But I wasn’t that bored as I had the book of ‘Stephenie Meyer ‘s’ to read. I really hadn’t realized how time had passed by and when I realized, it was already beginning to get dark outside. Gees! The book was a drug to me. Good thing I had already cooked and was just needed to be heated for dinner.

The Book! Ya..It was actually all about the ‘NEW MOON’. The story was at the first part horrible when Edward left Bella. It stung me right through my fragile heart. I could feel how damn hurt she was and the feeling of the tremendous cut in her inner chest. Felt Like my honey was going to leave me. Which I find it ridiculous! But I was in Bella’s shoes! I hated how Edward carried out that stupid decision. LEAVING DOESN’T MEAN THE PROBLEMS -SOLVED! He was Heartless and yes he was a VAMPIRE! A heartless Vamp!

But as I read through, it was getting better and it should be if not I was already planning to stop reading. However, I can’t! Another reason pulled me into reading because Jac had already pulled the pin of the grenade! Even though, she didn’t solely told each and every part of the story or even summarized it in detail , still she had already gave the story a good conclusion. An ending to it! And that’s what kept me reading! I wanted to know how? When? And all those Wh-quests. Gosh! The writer was making me reading through all the pages. And I’m glad I’m on the 3rd now:‘ECLIPSE’. The gratitude goes to JAc too!

The sad part was: I was I’m almost half way of finishing it. Darn! I should’ve bought the 4th book too. Damnation! I didn’t know I was reading too fast and with full concentrations. Reading with the speed of 45 seconds per page was slow. Well the 12 hours at home gave me ample time to read and I’m mad about it. It’ll only changed me to merriness and make me happy if I got the 4th book. This really sound so stupid for me to act like a baby. As if the book was a pacifier for me. I grunted and sighed. And I didn’t stamped my feets like a whining child would do. That’s a bit exaggerated for my age. But I didn’t show this stupid behavior of mine in front of him. He was always complaining about me getting all the time I had -to finish reading. Actually he was mad at me for not acknowledging his presence at home when he was back from work. Even though we had dinner together and relaxed after dinner in front of the tv; it was just not enough for him. I was still reading!

He promised me to accompany me to find the 4th book which I coaxed him to do . Heheheh..Such a good technique of persuasion I have . Girl Thangs!

Ugh! 4 more days to go before I got back to Tawau again. Thinking of this I gave a big sigh, feeling disappointed for the short hols! 2 weeks doesn’t even felt like 2 weeks. Should I acquire 2 days off (CRK) hehehe.. I think not! It wouldn’t be healthy to stay long in KL! I should be grateful . I SHOULD! It’s already 11:46pm and my Honey was already snoring since and hour ago. Good thing his snores doesn’t bother me much and It tells me his way too far in his dream land by now. I think I’ll continue reading… Gosh! See! This book is really a morphine to me! I’m sleepy but it dragged my eyes to open wide at this sleepy state. I think I’ll just read as far as I can get my eyes to do the reading. I’ll find myself sleeping in the next few minutes I guess….Heheheheh…

Mass- Church of The Divine Mercy-Shah Alam (i guess) heheh

. The House of God .

Slept late last night! Set the alarm at 7am as the mass will start at 9:45am. I was worried that i would still be sleepy and yes i was. I still got the opportunity to shut my eyes while showering hahahahah... Until i realized i was actually in the bathroom. No wonder i felt wet! Gee! Rushed into the room and got in my old 5 years old blue faded, white stripe jeans( Still fits me but its color has been faded from all the washing in the past few years) I must be diligent making it to be perfectly clean everytime hahahahah... Never noticed that it has been with me for ages now. I still love it and as a token of appreciation i wore it occasionally EVEN to church!
It looks new in the picture!

After the mass was done, (My Honey who is sooner to convert in Catholic), was called up for a short meet. He was a bit nervous to meet new faces (strangers) though but his facial expression showed that he felt safe as long as i was there with him.So, i tagged along and after the meet up, he felt fine as ever because there were mostly Sabahan n Sarawakian pple to join in the class. I was sure he was gonna be Okay without me there in the few weeks to come. Good thang i flew to KL. Anyway, this was my second agenda to come here. Apart from missing him so much and the want to spend time together. Hehhehehe...

We head home after the meet up and went to the restaurant. We ate 'Bah Kut Teh"... Mmmmmm..Yummy!Filled our tummy and drove ourselves back home. Was so full.
~ The newspaper i bought on our way to church~

~Honey Reading newspaper while waiting for 9:45am.~
We were 15 minutes earlier.

~The inner side of the Church~

~This car was directed to the same destination~

I think i'm feeling sleeepy now! Hwaaaaaaaaaa.......



KL here i COme!

My flight was at 17:10pm. Dad drove to keningau with mom, heather, noel and my lil cuzzy Usang(kg name) and me. We had breakfast early in the mo in Keningau. I didn't feel like eating much so i just ordered (Tausapau) and one glass of hot tea. The rest ate (konomen+sasau+ isi ikan)-(no comment with the spelling) am just spelling ikut sedap pendengaran saja ni. Then, we sent daddy to College. Mom without any hesitation, pulled her leg and crossed over the gear zone and pulled her other left leg and positioned herself to the driver's seat right after dad got out from the car. Heheheheh...(jalan singkat) She was too lazy to get out of the car. She Malas mau sopan santut sudah heheheheheh:) She drove us to the taxi station where i took a taxi to KK and thanks GoD! I got ONE!

Before arriving KK i had already informed Jac and Nicky to get ready to accompany me while i was waiting to fly off to KL. i SLept half way along the trip to KK. WOke up at Kinarut and messaged JAc that i had arrived in KInarut. However, she told me to wait at Nicky's place.Arrived at Nicky's place but she was out. SO, i had to wait outside sitting there while her dog was barking at me. The dog was so cute! It even understands ENGLISH! I think if you command it in Malay, It'll buat duh jak! Nicky arrived and we went in while waiting for jac to come. Oh Ya!, the dog has a name which is FIDO! He even humped my calf when i was standing. Gosh! Fido,Fido! He got the wrong place to hump his thang! Very Funny but i was really shocked at the time he was doing that to me hahahahaah....I even gave a small shout! He ran under the sofa because he was scolded for doing that innocent act! Nicky kept laughing while i was still standing stiff. Terkejut org bilang.

Jac came and we trios went out to take our breakfast. My 2nd round!Then we went and bought a few books. I bought 2 books ...And ya know what?! I bought the 2nd and 3rd part of Twilight. I would never imagined i could read the stories beforehand before the 2nd part of TWILIGHt is coming out in cinema. Yihhhaaaa... It's better reading! Ugh! My heart is swelling to know what's in the book.

~Tracy & AChOnG~ ConGratZz!


~ConGratUlatiOn To tHe NeWly WeD~

Congrats,Trace! Oh Gosh! She was damn gorgoeus and was a LADY! At Last, she wore a 3 inch heel, and presented lovely long nails which was deliberatlely painted by warm colors. Hahahhah....She really looks cute with her beloved fiance'.....ooops, i meant her husband by her side. Gawd! i couldn't imagine after for so long being together they managed to tie the knot in a very sweet, moderate but in a way it was extravaganza! With the wedding banner as to inform everyone who passes by thier house that they had finally slipped the rings and said the vows! It was a happy day for her and i could see how happy she was. Unfortunately, i couldn't stay long as my uncle was admitted in the hospital. I was messaged a few times that he was in the critical state and anything could happen. I am so sorry TRACE! I hope thet you had a happy moment and celebrated your firsty! Make it meaningful! Hope to see Tracy Jr in the coming months to come.Can't wait!


Here holiday is again....! 29th.May.2009 was a date i was waiting for since a month ago. As soon as i woke up early that morning, i felt the atmosphere of FRIDAY (29th,MAY) .I insisted to show my excitement but i can't pretend not to be happy. I smiled all the 7 hrs in school(macam urang gilak) and couldn't stop talking (which i usually do). My colleagues were already showering thier mocks and jokes as it was already holiday to me when the clock struck 12:15pm. hahahahah.. Cg X: Uiyo, si Felly! Termenung2 sudah dia. Badan dia jak disini tu. Melayang sudah fikiran dia di Tinum(Tenom). They like to tease the way i speak. (Pakat2 macam Urang tinum).

I couldn't imagine i was already in KK. My journey from Tawau was not bad. I even got someone to take care of my car. And foremost, I had EVEN completed marking the exam papers. So all worries was out. Hehehe.... Now it's time to wake up at 9am instead of 4:30am in the wee mo. Now it's holiday! I can sleep for a few more hours until 10am. And sleep as early as 11am again hahahhahaha....The interval 1hr is used for showering and breakfast. That's what i call Hooooooooliday!