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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

Xmas Prayer:)

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.”

A simple prayer for x'mas:

Dear God,

You are my protector,

my Shield and my armor,

I worship and glorify you because i love you.

I have done so much sins, and i would like to be your LOYAL servant on earth to make it up.

I am not so fruitless, and therefore i ask you lord, from the bottom of my weak heart,

to forgive me...

You gave me life

and light,

to walk in the dark;not strectching my arms for things to hold on to,

I appreciated the coarse life - it taught me so much things.

I wish a happy heart and let alone a happy and joyous christmas without my loved ones who had gone back to you...

I pray they are all well and always your precious children.

A Christmas Gift!

I thought i was entering myself into a beautiful comfy zone life without being realized i was actually squeezed by all the external bloody matters that i ACTUALLY care less about but did EFFECTS me big in life.

As the saying goes,"Life isn't a bed of roses". I've heard that and i had experienced it. But not until i came to a level which i could feel the thorns of roses penetrating deep into my skin and directly to my vessels. And indeed i was beginning to feel the torture of life within.

Having said that, Life is actually a bumpy journey on the way to a blissful ending; I guess i had to make myself clear that, i will be encountering much difficulties in life and bare all the consequences by giving it a solution..And it will be a daily routine which in the end i will find out that i wasn't doing anything challenging in life due to the non-stop routine which i was use to doing....and that's where i will stand tall and find out how strong i was; to combat in the battlefield of surviving.


I surely believe out there lies a million tons of fathers who are being idolized by their kids. I wish i was one of them.

When i was young, age of 8, i still remembered asking my dad (VERY strict and stern) a box of cornflakes. With an abrupt and harsh tone, he said, "That cornflakes will not make you rich!". As a young child, i wanted to eat something that my tummy has long desired. I waited for months to have the guts asking him to buy the BOX. But, i failed my mission. I was hurt and it caused a great bruise in the inner part of me.

I was always scolded for being clumsy (which i was)and irresponsible... I was scolded for not being SMART and useless. I was scolded for being lazy, doing awful things that was just out of the box. I became a timid, quite person during my primary's and regain maximum power of being disobedient as the age increases..(There are more stories to be included but i'll save that for my "SOMEDAY, I HOPE, YOU'll UNDERSTAND" a future book yet to be published:)

I shifted into a zany maniac and people laugh at my beings. People adored me in times of my chaotic self esteem. I didn't have the natural gift of making people liking me but it was the undivided feelings which are full of non-stop commotions that pushed me into the character. And it became permenant in me! I became a loud and outspoken person (depending on the situation) -I was still quite fit to be a normal person.

I didn't realized that i was facing a hardship in a realationship. I guess i was just a little kid, too hard to comprehend at times. But that FEELING has yet to be cured till today. I hope and i pray hard that my Chrismas Gift for this year is To: Be healed and Open up the persons' heart- i want to learn to LOVE!

P/s: Thanks mom! For being there and sharing all the goofy stuffs:) You really taught me what LIFE is all about. And i have learnt much from you and i can't take no more.. I should be on my quest alone, so i could unravel the paths . I'm good on my own. Thanks for shoving me off half way...I'll do the rest:)

~First ever shopping time at CURVE~

People might say that i'm way too uncivilized for i had NEVER EVER went nor shop at CURVE heheheheh....

Today my significant other sent me to shop till i drop at CURVE. We set out from home and went for breakfast before i began my travelling reaching every lovable things to make a big great hole of my wallet. i was trying not to go beyond my budget..But i did! I cant help it! And i regretted for it was expensive there and shopped at the wrong place.

However i enjoyed my 6 hours non-stop walking:

~Was alone, singleton walking up and down in the building~

The ever first place i would go is where the books resides. And u'll sure know where that is. If it's not Pop's, It'll be MPH. And if it's not MPH of course i'lll go for Borders:)
This is the place where i don't have to punish my legs and my wallet. i'll get a book of my own kind and read as long as i want to without forcing myself to buy. It depends on my desire actually:) hehehe...

~Here at MPH~

~Was almost gonna buy this ONE HOT book, but i'll pass~

~This one was great too, I think i'll go back to MPH to get this ONE~

Around 4:45pm, My SO(significant other) came and joined me there. I think he felt pity of me for being alone for quite some time hehehhe....

~Me with the Golden Angel~

~It's more than meets the eyes~

~I haven't ate for my lunch, It was already 5pm~

I was actually waiting for a friend of mine who was actually my childhood friend back in states:) Unfortunately, she still had classes to attend. So, we decided to go out the next day and meet at One Utama:)xoxo..

I really had a great fun walking and getting my fitness ready for sports next year heheheheh