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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

::.My wedding.::

A memorable day treasured even after a year and 8 months has passed.

Bunga Raya Island has left a precious moment for both of us.

The breeze was gently hitting us with lovable shots.  . .
In the Studio...

But,  was solemnized in church  on the November,26th,2011.
Makeup and hairstyle was totally done by myself. Excited at the outcome, I couldn't imagine I could do so. However, it was a simple wedding for a simple girl that day!!
And I was over the moon!!

                                                             In-laws in orange
                          Cousin Alleysandra, Lady-Jane, Younger sister( Heather) and Aunt Icca....

                                          We're oficially Husband N Wife . . . . .

                                           Heather, GF ALicia, Me, GF Livi and Jacinta

I'm Back Only for the Holidays:)

Whoa! I guess i'v been long gone from blogging about things. Workloads really kept my way in. (Waving white flag)

To my sudden of surprise, looking at my new year greeting, choked me at how long I had abandoned this site. ~Big smile~

Well,this blog is a place where I just scribbled on  papers and notes and make it in view to others especially to myself:) I love reading back the very first post i posted back in 2010 ( i guess) or was it 2008??? Gees, I lose count!! Yikes.
Reading back at the entries i had,  I giggled and smiled along the way:) It was memories for me now yet some events were emo anger and a place where I just need to burst out the frustration. So, I'm making myself clear that, this will one day be my book of Life to be printed out:) Despite of the grammatical and typing errors i made. ( too lazy to correct them words)

I'm not that diligent to update on things so i guess i won't be having more than a thousand pages~winks~ I guess. .~ thinking~

I'm having the worse nightmare editing my wedding pictures. But, i'm sure going to upload it!! I just need the precious time in doing so! Wait up! 

Water tank


We had problems in water supply these few weeks. It was like you’re in those poor countries who are struggling to find water to drink, and to wash up. It wasn’t that easy to face with this shortage of water when all those while we were having so much time having fun splashing water whenever we wanted to. Except for the sudden blackouts we endured (sometimes).
 I was deeply saddened as to imagine those who are in search for water as much as we do at this moment of this time I’m writing this.(Oh My English!!) I am however, grateful to see drops of water coming from the faucet though not that  much came out ~Smirking~. However,  there is still hope of water coming in sooner.
My family and I find it so hard to reserve the water as the water only runs in the morning while everyone is not at home. When we reached home in the afternoon, the water soon gets more slower than it runs in the early morning. We have water tanks behind our house but it seems there are problems that we can’t seem to understand why it never gets in the tank.
Maybe the water pressure isn’t that strong enough to reach our 20 feet(i reckon) tank. I guess it was too high! Well, we had the intention to have this matter a look but time always fails us to do so. I just feel like the time is passing by so fast due to workloads in my workplace and at home.
*So, the 20 feet high water tank has never had a resolution to be mended or what so ever.  
We had another tank that is placed on ground and just right under a circle like hole that gives way for the water to run when it rains (which is attached to the roof) 'Pancuran air'. Had no idea what this is in English ~blush~. But, the water during rainy season is not that clean. Sometimes, we use the water just to wash up the dishes but coming to the worse part when that’s the only resource water we had. We use it for bathing. The part where i hate was, using the rainy asidic water which is not treated or purified for daily usage is when the soap is hard to be washed off hahahahahha. . . .
So, today! I am off from work as we have 2 days off for ‘Hari Raya’ Hols, I got up early and washed off the tank and hurriedly  fill up the tank from the treated water faucet. Now, I’m not that worry to wash up using the water. What a relief!!!
Thank you lord for the angels you had sent down to get the tank cleaned up and filled with clean water instead of the water from the rain. Now, i need a rest after doing that manly job while doing the house chores for today!
Happy holidays for my muslimin and muslimat friendsJ

It's time for a Rest!

As the date of my nuptial hour is getting closer, the more hectic i am and i never knew that the list just goes on and on. Holy cow!

I just can't wait to get this OVER soon. It's like i'm off to a war and exhausted at over thinking of strategies to get this over with. I've never stopped sighing since the first day of this marathon prep wedding hahahahha. . . Tu lah! Baru tau! Last minute baru mau buat . . But, i am grateful for having a wonderful and a good criticizer Mom to help me with this event. Without her comments and her ideas, i wouldn't get things 50% done by now. Thank you Lord!!

Well, out of the book,:-

My lil brother who is soon furthering his studies in a local university in Sarawak, will not be able to attend my wedding( sad!). I couldn't give him much but the lovely lappy i had since my first post as an educator is a gift from me to him.

It would then be difficult for me to blog out things and do my blog-jogs in the morning and blog-rounds at night hahahahh. . .

I wouldn't be able to blog much these days. But, i'm sure i would blog out my entry with wedding pictures soon:) Stay tune!

I'll be back in December! (trying to buy anothe new lappy~winks~) Fingers crossed!

::Happy Wedding Kak Sugi::


It was 14th September , when my family and I went to KK as I had to fly off to Tawau the next morning at 7am to attend a friend's wedding. It was still school days for other schools.(bad teacher!) Not going to school during the school days…Well, that’s not how the story goes.
As we are still temporarily teaching at the premise of the Primary school of SK Chinta Mata, we had to call it a ‘cuti berganti’ as the UPSR examination for sixth grade only finishes late in the afternoon. And teaching in the afternoon session, will just crowd up the premise. The headmaster was afraid that the crowd in the school will affect the students’ examination mood. So, we call it a holiday!Yipeee… and what a coincidence that I had to drive to KK on that day.. I saved a day of my CRK~winks~.

Arriving in Tawau, I had to settle my water and electricity bills.
I didn’t have much time to settle it during the move out process. Carrying stuff down from fourth floor and packing things gave me no ample time to do so.
If I don’t cut it off in time, it will be a problem for those who want to enter the house. My principal was having a head-ache on this matter…~blushing~.
So, I took the my golden opportunity, driving Kak Sugiarti’s car which was a non-power steering on the roads of Tawau while she on the other side of the driver’s seat, just made me wondering whether i could manouver it to where i want it to .. Imagine the jams in Tawau and me turning the steers left and right. Gosh! I guess I don’t need to go to the gym to get my muscles build up. Hahahahah.. . .
What surprised me was that the road that once could be accessed via GIANT was CLOSED. And there was a high way in front of Giant going off straight to SIN ONN. I didn’t get to snap a shot on that.

To make it short: Reached the electricity department, no IC copies, had to run to a shop and get the copies done, drove back to the electricity department and Walah! SETTLED! Another one to go…….

Reached the water department, had my IC copies(good thang I photostated more than 2-just in case), had to go to the ‘Pesuruhjaya’ as I lost my ‘deposit letter’, (I thought I had the original letter in my file at my previous school) so I drove back to my school and got the letter and placed it on the desk of the person in charge)-the person was not there, drove back to town and hitch up a lunch, drove back to the Water department to get the final bill, the person said I got the wrong letter, so, I had to go to Sabindo for the ‘signature of the pesuruhjaya’ and head back to the water department to get the final bill. ~Inhale, Exhale~ Done! But I was in pain as my legs were cramp of driving a manual car…Erk! It Hurts. .But I can’t do nothing but just drive. I can’t ask the bride to drive, right!

I guess enough with the ranting and all. Here’s a few snaps I had taken:-

~The Ring~

~The table set up~

~The 'hantaran' from the bride~

~Here were a few items that i managed to snap~

~I helped to wrap the 'dodols' and kuih glutinous rice as the dowry~
and this is the result




These were the people behind the scene.

~kira orang kuat lah nie...~

~Kak Su~

~Kak Jaliha~

~Kak Hanita~

~Kak Masnah~

~Kak Nurliyan and Kak Norfazilla(i don't think i got her name spelled right)~


No picture

:: Kak IDA::


~My colleague's baby and me~

~Colleague's son and Me~

The 'glutinous rice cake' replacing the usual cake bride and groom will order for wedding.It was kind of unique and i can't stop taking pictures with it.

~My ex-colleagues with me~

~The bride and groom~

::I love::

I guess it's not that late to blog about my 5th annivesary.

I did not went for a wonderful dinner at a quintessential European vibe with posh interior decor coupled with whimsical food art.

And dressed in a black one shoulder sequined dress with an assymetrical hemline to make me taller (But i would love to,One day ~winks)

But, amazingly My Honey had bought me a Samsung Galaxy P1000 and a dark brown, leatherly soft cum spacious tote handbag.
It was more than the European dinner and the dress i would die for.

I would not call myself as a gadget-tech fan. I could even live my life with my last years' annivesary present. My E63.

But once i got my hand on this Honeycomb... Man! I was totally into this device and i even could surf even though i was down with FEVER! Hahahahah. . . .

Anyways, thanks for the Prezzie Hon!

Happy Belated Annivesary!

*Siap kena kirim dari KL lagi hehehehe...

::Walk For Jesus::


It was 28th August! AND it was the day where all christian members from every dominations gathered together to join hand in hand and complete the 'Walk for Jesus'. The objective of this particular walk is to strengthen the rapport within the different dominations in Tenom while Praying for tranquility and peace for our country.(Well, that's how it goes in my own version of mind speaking but there is absolutely a well detailed objective by the Churchs' Counsels~Winks~)
The walk starts from the Tenom Sport COmplex and ends at the SIB church.That will be two and half kilometres walk. I guess hehhehee.

I surely believed that it would be very difficult to get this Walk a success without the help of christian members and churchs' counsel.

I was happy to be part of the Walk and get all SWEAT up. I even could get another 500ml of salty water bottle if i happen to gather all my sweats.. Hahahaha..Lame idea, i supposed!

::It was Sunday and after church::

Dad is not a Sporty guy type NOW(he was in his much younger days) and i wasn't suprised that he doesn't have a pair of sport shoes. So, we went to this 'lelong@rombengan (whatever you call it)' where used shirts, used pants, used shoes were sold. And, he finally got a new pair of used sport shoes(Thanks to me)~Winks~
We head off home and dad took a rest. While me and Heather enjoyed our time lazying ourselves on the couch, watching TV. Another minute i got bored, and headed off to my laptop in our dining room and continued editing photos that i had taken. I'm not a Pro-photographer, however i wish i would-ONE DAY!!Yikes...

The walk starts at 4:30pm and dad is a person who is very punctual at TIME. Me and Heather were busy getting ourselves ready. Heather was not in the mood as she was just washing her track suit (giggled) in the washing machine and i heard it was already at the final stage to drying.She was mumbling about going soooo early. I told her that she doesn't have to come but she insisted to and make an effort to dry her track suit by ironing it. It was a bit wet when i hold her track and i guess it would do...

Sympathy seeing her with her half wet track, i tried not to think of it and got myself in the car.A few minutes later, we were already on our way to the Tenom Sport Complex.

I assume myself as a photo-taker lover and not a reporter. So, I took pictures which i like and therefore i only took the ones which were nice to be seen.Hehehhehe..

But, dad asked me to take full picture of the event.Then, i was starting to run here and there and snapping that and thos without liking it or not. At that moment, i was LIKE a reporter!

Above Picture::

Yikes!!!! After looking back at the pictures for many times, i bumped in this picture,I realized by then that my fiance's aunt was there too. But, i didn't see her nowhere during my half day as a reporter hahahaha.Gosh! I hope she doesn't judge me as snobbish huhuhuhuh.....

The event was not only attended by young ones nor adults.But, suprisingly, mother and daughter had made the event merrier. And what shocked me was a mother carrying her baby also joined in the walk! Man! This was the spirit of every christian members possess.

:: The young ones also took part in the walk and made the walk fun and memorable! ::

No matter how old you were, everyone stood under the half scorching sun with the haze helping to reduce the heat.We basked under the 3.30pm sunny light with the grace of the LORD.
~Datuk Radin and Datin Angeline(hoped i spelled her name right)~

The leader from the Part Bersatu Sabah component has come to join for the Walk and flag off the Walk even though he had errands to do in KK.

Thank you Datuk!

The beautiful and humble Datin Angeline who i just called her out "Aunty, ambil gambar" hahahhaha instead of "Datin, ambil gambir(i meant 'gambar')".

She didn't show any grumble about my choice of word for her status not calling her 'Datin'.

People out there, she's just humble and very friendly to talk with.
AND Beautiful also~Winks~

She just knows how to Pose!


~Thanks a bunch for the Traffic man to get things control on the road. ~

Wow! We really broke a leg under the sunny and hazy weather.

~This was a beautiful moment being captured for the 'WALK FOR JESUS'~

::ALAS! They had arrived at the SIB church::

~Hah~ Good riddance! Thank God they served water. I was gasping for air and need water as i was dehydrated~

~Dr.Marcus seems tired and exhausted~

~We were entertained with the singers~

During the event, we had prayers leaded by every high priests in every church dominations. But i didn't happen to snap the moment as i was praying too which goes the same to my camera..hehhehehe.