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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

A New home:)

I have wanted a house of mine for a long time. Had been planning this since last year and now it's like a dream come true. I wouldn't say the house is perfect for me but at least i'm staying alone and i wish that my families could come here and pay me a visit.
There were things needed to be settled before i could completely call it 'Home Sweet Home'. Cleaning, washing, wiping and mending things need to be done.
Had ordered a few students to do the cleaning part.
Next, will be the painting part.
Then, the lenolium will create the mood of the house.
Lastly, will carry my things to the house.
And, btw.. I'm just moving next door hahahahah. same level!



Having lost of something precious without your conscious, is just annoying! I had attended a coordination meeting in Tang Dynasty and backpacked flu and cough from my work place. I didn't know it would get worse as i arrived the hotel.

~Tissues were quite clean but don't be fooled by the color. There's mucus residential there hahahah~

~As i entered the room, i quickly served hot tea for myself to heat up myself~
~My partner hasn't arrived yet and yeah i conquer the room~

The 2 days meeting conjured up the mucus as i had no med and the aircond in the meeting room was just helping the bacts to spread quickly. I kept mending on my hands to hot tea, warm water and everything that is just not under the category 'cold'.

On the last day of the meeting, the most important envelope has eloped from my deary hand which i only realized it on Sunday. Darn! Every materials including the important and original forms has eloped on that day! I was really stressed as to remember where i had placed it.

But i dare not say, as whether it has been thrown by the cleaners or it slipped from my hand-it was ALL my Fault-.

I would dare not do this again! For goodness gracious, my partner was somewhat very patient, soothing and has the best soft voice. She just have the tone of merriness be it in whatever mood. Even after explaining about the lost of the envelop, she was quite worried but her tone just kept me so cool as if there will be a solution to it.

Called our 'Ketua Kawasan'. Told her the truth and Walaaah! with a touch of a simple prayer things were okay. I thank you Lord for being there with me! Thank you!Phewww!