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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

From a guys Perspective

If a guy is good looking,
Don't immediately assume he is a playa. Not every Will Smith is Eric Bennet, so read beyond the fine print and you will be surprised. Don't deprive yourself a Mr. Gorgeous because of fear of the unknown, think about the children, they'll be good looking, minus years of trying to convince them they are "beautiful" and being called to the school cause s/he roughed some kid who called them Butt Face", "Mugabe", etc.
If a guy has a child with another woman
90% of the time, he'll go back to the woman. Either the woman will use the child to interrupt every moment you spend together, or the guy will realize he made a big mistake and go back to his "family". Chances of you winning over his child are nil, that's a battle you've already lost.
Advice: Leave Mr. Family Man or kill the child. Make your pick.
If a guy cheats on you, He'll do it again.
If you stay, he'll cheat even more. No woman can make a guy stop cheating, not even his mother. Cheaters are like a small kid, once they tasted sweets, no matter what you do or say, they'll find a way to get hold of them. Stop looking for water in a desert, because you'll find none.
Advice: Leave the looser and find a real man who'll give you his all OR stay with the cheat and be a subscriber of Kleenex Tissues, cos you will be weeping till you get to your grave. He might even find a girl to replace you, because he doesn't really need you, or he'll keep you to cook for him and do his laundry, while he gets his groove on.
If a guy hits you, Yes even if it's a slap - leave. If you stay, you have convinced him that it's okay if he beats you. Ladies, it is not love, it is lust. Stop convincing yourself that "if you hit a child, it's because you love them". You are not a child and he is not your parent. Do you go around beating up your best friends? Think about it! If a guy says he loves you,
Probably he truly does. Make sure you can differentiate between being in love and being in lust. How to do that?

Does he cheat? Hit you? Insult you? Abuse you in anyway? If you answered "YES" to any of these, U ARE IN LUST - LEAVE!!!Does he respect you? Makes you feel special? Treat you like a queen? If you answered "YES" to any of these, U ARE IN LOVE - YOU LUCKY FISH, HOLD ON TO WHAT YOU'VE GOT!!!

Ladies, Don't be a statistic by committing suicide, being in a coma from his beatings or die from Aids which he infected you with. There is always life after a break up, Brace yourselves women, you have come this far, don't disappoint! God will never let you down and if you are looking for LOVE, Look within yourself and you will get enough.


Arrived home and my muscles were screaming " I wanna Rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!" after climbing that 48 stairs ( i reckon it to be) I drove myself in my room and rushed for a refreshment, raced for a few dippers of water and showered myself with a small amount of May shower cream-SERENE. The green bamboo essence was quite relaxing and i was in the realm of tranquility and peace.Mmmmmmm, very aroma therapy. Got out from the realm of spa-like and entered to an imbalance humid tempreature. I switched on the fan but it didn't gave any effect of reducing the ferenheit hehehhe. Tawau is just getting HOT!
Accessed to the internet to channel my energy to something useful rather than complaining about the weather and atmosphere. However, the signal was a bit hay-wired. Maybe too many people were also surfing. Tapi 3G bh ni. DUh! I couldn't even open a single website. Carrying myself on bed, i felt uncomfy to see an army of ants marching somewhere where i dunt knoe. WHen i woke up, i saw ma trash was covered by ants..

♥Oh! This is where u guys are huh..... ~Hiding beneath the vitagens, afraid to be smashed by missy Felliot~♥

♥FYI- Suma ma junkies frm last week. Got no time to throw it. Think i need to Do something about this. But, no funny aroma. I think d ingredients are perfect. Hahahhaha ♥

Well, i think i have to Clean up ma room. My room just happened to be the best dust-collector. If there is such Award fur Bilik terkotor... I would like to NOMINATE my room. I just can't get it. I swept and mopped ma room twice a week. Where did i go wrong? Hermm...~thinking~

♥I think i might start sweeping AGAIN. ANd this was already the third time since last sunday. Gawd!♥

♥OMG!Ma wardrobe?! What an ugly view. .Gee! I didn't even noticed it was like this yesterday. Honestly! I was really shocked to see this.

♥Andu Bah! betul2 lah...this is just ma terrible day. I hate cleaning EVERY SEC.♥

♥Bertaburan gia ma shoes. Hastaga Naga..Ini i mengaku la..I buat! Kwang2... Kesian durang kena buang2....♥

After the aftermath of cleaning:

♥Taddaaaaaaa.....Inilah hasil usaha i yang bersungguh2.♥


The picture below:These are peserta2 yg masuk final

1/. ♥Adidas♥


3/.♥Anna Sui♥

4/.♥Sweet Forever♥

5/. ♥Women of Earth♥

*Who Won?*

-Judges please do take your sit-

♥Which are your favorites?♥

♥A must-have for all ladies out there...Aiks! Mana ma shaver? Alamak! tertinggal di toilet!


♥~Gallery section~ Jan heran. i have ma own mini muzium gallery heheheeh...♥

M so exhausted! Phew, i think i'll call this a DAY!

This Is crap But FUN to DO! HaH!!!

Just read Annie's blog that i was tagged! Gee! ada jugak men tag2 disini arrr....ha5x..~smile~
♥ This is crap but fun to follow hehehehe♥
[1] Take a recent picture of yourself or take a picture of yourself rightNOW!

Okay! Done! Susah jgak mau ambik gmbar ni... Hp sudah lah conect ngan laptop....Adeh!
~ ~ ~

[2] DON'T change your clothes, DON'T fix your hair... Just take a picture.

Andu Bah! urang sudah gambar bru cakap kh?

~ ~ ~

[3] Post that picture with NO editing.


~ ~ ~

[4] Post these instruction with your picture.

Post???? Waaaaarrrgh!

~ ~ ~

[5] Tag 10 people to do this.

Jacinta Karen??? -Sudah Pulak_

Felly Simba??? -Completed mission-

Carol Lenny??? Yayayayaya...

WHo else....? Sepa2 lah yg mau kena tag... if not pun just tag urself..Be ma pleasure:)
Ketara teda kerja o kan....

Taaaaaadaaaa [No Editing].... I love ma wavy hair! Gosh!ooops! sorrry, terangkat bakul plak:) Pale-nya me...iskisk ~Taken at home~

Annual DInner ~SHang SHui Golf Club~ It was WOrth it:)

The venue of our annual dinner this year was held at SHang shui Golf club. Most of the male teachers from my school plays golf here. I just couldn't understand how they enjoy so much hitting that small ball under the sun. Anyways, tonight's dinner was just simple. There were no 'persembahans' which made the atmoshphere more bored. I think that's their culture kot. But everyone really had fun when it was time for "Lucky Draw". The 'Lucky Draw" for tonight was fair. Everyone had a chance to bring back a mysterious gift however it depends on how lucky the person was. There were almost 80gifts to be given away. And all the gifts were different in sizes and types. Some were hampers, stove, vase, a small tupperware, a dozen of plates. AND MANY MORE... SO i was the 41 person to be called out and ngam2 ma gift was a square shaped. It was small... Sedih wo me...I wanted the hamper though.. Well, It's just not my luck then.Maybe another time. Here are some Blury photos i managed to take using my ol' model hp:) ANd MA DRESS WORTH THE NIGHT..Just look at it. I patched it up and added a few pins.Wow! It looks nice in the pict. Ugly in reality Hah!

The present i managed to bring home along> At least i was lucky to bring home something hehehe:)

Me And Ms. Barayani...She Just got posted this year. But, she got in earlier 2 months lah...

Me and Kak Sadariah. CIgu Garang. Ms.Science:) Kesik2 cili padi ni urang ni. Kesian tu budak2 dia kerjakan hahahah:)

Kak Ju(rite hand side)-
Moving soon to Tragganu. Me, Kak Ida (PJk),
Kak Leha & Behind Kak Sadariah

Kak Zu and Me. DAtin Zunaidah Zakaria. Ms COunsellor. Very Sporting punya.... KAmceng!

KAk Zu and Kak MAsnah Amit(She sits besides me in the staffroom)Kira berjiran lah kami ni:) They were lucky to get a free ticket 2 days 3 nites at SHangshui Golf club:)

Trip over LOVE, you can get UP ...FALL in LOVE and you FALL forever.


I woke up late this mo due to the lack of sleep i had last night. UGH! My hands crawled under the pillow slowly to find my hp. When i managed to get in ma hand, i straight away placed it 5 inches away from ma blury eyes. OMG! It was already 10am. Gawd! what a restless night. Was it so bad...Well who cares. It's SAturday! Weeeeeeee...
Hurried to the restroom to take a shower. Wow! i felt fresh. Suddenly my phone rang...and guess who? It was my honey. The usual morning greetings and a kiss. Awww! Sweet! He' was on his way to office. Missed him. A few minutes later**********
Got a simple call from mom early this mo'. As usual we exchanged our morning greetings with a simple love and started off with our conversation. This was one of her line that i could remembered clearly during the call which i could say the main detail of the course *******

"[W]hen you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. "

I was shocked that it was time for me to call an end of my single status. For all this time i was holding the "in relationship"status. But, i am sure that this time will be REAL and i'm gonna be someone for somebody OFFICIALLY. Had to typed that in capital letters to emphasized the word and the meaning to it. Today, i felt so happy and i just couldn't believe that my mom had given me the permission to tie the knot.

SHe was no longer the strict mom i was afraid of, telling me not to do that and not to do this- you have to do that instead of this, but today she talked and spoke to me as a friend. SHe's the best and will be forever. I love her! Love you MOM! AT last, all the worries and doubts of my relation not being blessed becam a myth!

I called my honey up and told what happened. He was jumping happily. Well, i couldn't see him though but the tone of his voice shows that he was doing that happy jump. Wehhhheeeee! We had planned our engagement In March! But, I think will do it soon end of this year! Yihaaaaa! Common cowboy! Take me away on that HORSEY!

"I dreamed of a wedding of an elaborate elegance,A church filled with family and friends.I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,He said one that would make me his wife."
Now am busying myself to take care of things... SEE You soon:)

Banging ma head! I want te sleep...


I just couldn't get my eyes shut and sleep. I don't know why, maybe it's because tommorow i have to attend to our annual dinner at SHang -SHui golf club. You might be thinking, why would a dinner -a simple dinner makes me so uneasy. ITS becuz I DON't Know WHAT to WEAR! I have nothing special in ma closet at this juncture. Gosh! We TESLians would not go for DInner without any dresses in the closet... Arrgh...For christ sake! Felly.... Get that eyes shut!