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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

Hari Raya is still Here:)

It's never too late for another Raya Visit.
Knowing that i had scarcely visited my muslim friends back in my hometown, I surely know i'll soon be paying my revenge here in Tawau...~Evil laugh~
Ending up a feast for my tummy :)
Kak Ida who is a family to be called invited most of her close friends to her open house last Saturday.
~Kak Sadariah, Cg Ruslan & Cg Faizal with Lil' Kuntum taking their pict~

~On the left: Kak Khairaty & Kak Saadiah~
~On the right: Beatrice & (of course me:)~

~Kuntum who is just getting healthier day by day~

~Kak Sabariah Who is busying herself filling up her plate~
Good thing we came earlier.It was still a comfortable time to eat.
After feasting at Kak Ida's house for the 35 minutes, people were coming in and filling up the living room. It was really packed and i think it was time for us to go and visit Kak Masnah and her 2 months old baby. Ah! I really can't wait!

Having the plan of getting married next year has already triggered my thoughts to 'have a baby of my own'. This is just ridiculous! But, whenever i see a baby in front of my eyes, ~Ergh~ felt like pinching it,carrying it and carry it back home !(i meant the baby,heheheh). Be it in the supermarket,having the simplest stroll or in the oblivion places i might counter with them makes me want to proceed my nuptial hour tomorrow. Hah! Only if time permits me to do that. WHich is a hell NO-No!

Sometime i feel perplexed, and anxious to think of what if i suddenly can't concieve.
I think i couldn't bare the state that i couldn't actually be a manufacturer to my own brand.
(Lol-What a chosen vocab to be used)
~Laughing to myself while imagining~
I pray not.....

This is me carrying Kak Masnah's 2 months old baby. I ordered her as soon i sat on the long bench with cushions on it. I didn't care for a drink but for HER. I can't stop carrying her even though she starts vommiting on me. The baby has just finished milking with the mother.And i had the guts to try out my skills to make her burp. Instead of burping she poured milk on her shirt which almost got onto mine.

Reminiscing the time i babysit my brothers and sisters. How I missed them when they were babies. But, they are all now big enough to take care of themselves..And the adorable smiles has gone into thin air hahahah.Only pictures reminds me of how adorable they were. Unlike me! I'm always and forever adorable and sweet hahahah-(so perasan)

Had i not care to carry her, i think i wouldn't know which rank of a carrier i was. I think the baby gave me 6/10. She cried after a few minutes and i had to hand over to the mother.
I couldn't stopped the feeling of the desire to hold the baby. So, i carried her once again and here we are with kak Saadiah.

~I didn't noticed that we wore the same color tops that day ~

~Here we are~

-Kak Masnah is the one wearing the blue 'headgear'-

P/s: I can't wait to have a baby of my own.. It's every woman's dream hehehe:)

It was Tough!

I was in the middle of bewilderment as i had been told that i was selected to be one of the speaking examiner for MUET in October and have to attend a coordination in KK. While on the other hand, i had been appointed as the chief assisstant to invigilate for PMR.
  • However, the coordination will be held on the first week which is during PMR.
My mind went wild seeking for people whom i knew to replace me. It was quite a troublesome calling colleagues to colleagues. Pheww! I was really exhausted at explaining my purpose of calling from one person to another. It was like repeating the same script over and over.
  • I can't get my mind straight as things were growing more like a giant root sprawling further like a web into the garden of my hub brain. Trapping my spare of room to think for other ways.
  • And today was just a blessing. Beth called me up and gave me the number i should call and to whom i should talked to. It was a relief after having called the person that i might not be able to be an invigilator as i had a course to attend.(which was true, even though i'm still waiting for the calling letter hehehe)
  • Now, i felt so relieved after having those heavy thoughts cleared off.

♥Clifford & Beatrice♥

Last night was the night of this 2 sweet loving Bride & Groom...
Congratulation Clifford and Beatrice!
At last both of you had become husband and wife 'officially'.
May the journey of life ahead showers happiness and merriness.
At the event, i had my eyes on every beautiful lasses and groomy lads. They dressed so fine until i was in my low self esteem and looking at myself whether i was looking okay in my simple dress. I was aware that there were lasses who keeps their beautiness intact within their zone. The way they sit, the way they eat, the way they excuse themselves from elder poeple and the way they look at people- it was a very exciting thing to observe on that night-.
It seems i really need to care of my manner at future events.
But, I'm just me- loud and simba-. (this is only applied if i have geng 'satu kepala')
People were coming in at their bestest and hunting for the seat they were assigned to. We sat at table no 15. We were in the -0 degrees zone. As the air-conditioner was just right in front of us:) Phewww! I shivered and my bladder forced me to the toilet.
Good thing i brought my shawl and my fiance' and i treated it as our blanky that night hahahhaha....
Without noticing, i turned my view to our neighbour's table on my left and saw a beautiful young lady. She was simple in her ways. But presented a very gorgeous and pleasant figure. And it seems she was someone who i knew. I was thinking. and kept my mind thinking on that matter. Till, something plops up into my mind.
Gosh! It's Claire!
And here we are taking our pictures together:)
She was beautiful as presented in her pictures in her blog....
It never occured in my mind that i would meet her at such event.
And now i have met with my 'Cloney':)
(she gave us this 'term' for both of us)
ANd- i really forgot why..Haha
~Isn't she Lovely~
(Knew her through blogmates)
~The gorgeous and sweet Claire & Me~

Before i met claire, I met Shanty sitting alone at her table (where Claire was assigned too). So, i asked her to sit with my fiance' and I to chat before peole coming in to filling up the empty seats. I hadn't met her since our foundation in Gaya Teachers' Training College which is now Institut Perguruan Gaya....
It was almost 4 years..And that was quite a long period.

~Shanty and Me~

~Chelster and me~

Chelster and i were studying in the same Uni and celebrated our Convocation in 2008. As she entered the room, i had her figure scanned and digested in my memory box. But, sadly i couldn't recalled where i met her. Suddenly she waved at me. And i waved back. When we met, she told me that she thought i had forgotten about her-Which indeed i had even though we were at the state of having a conversation.
I was mean by asking her" Kau tau, sebernarnya saya lupa bah kau nie siapa. Di mana arr kita jumpa"
When she refreshed my memories back, I was like "Oh, Gosh! How could i forgot about her" I began to feel the humiliation hub in some part of me hahahahhahah.
~I was kinda rude for not remembering my own classmate~ Lol!
I think i am really getting old at remembering ......I need walnuts!

This were a few snaps taken during the event:

From left: elena, vivien(sorry if i misspelled),me and dyla

Friends whom i just met at the event. They were friendly and showered with cordial smiles. And Beauoooo-tiful too:)

You wouldn't do a simple glance on them...u'll do more than thrice heheheh:)

~Me and my Honey~

~Me, bride & groom, dyla and vivien~

~My fiance', Me , Clifford & Beatrice~

~Beth's Mother~

~I love my curls. They look hawt~

Happy Engagement day!

Being born as a female is the natural process of being hitched as we arived at a certain age. We attract the opposite sex and have a very good daring conversation about stupid stuffs and ended into a serious matters of all affairs.
At last, we start off with the engagement ceremony and will end at the road of matrimony:)
I would like to say congrats to these sweet couples.....
Mariana Lunggeh to be exact was one of my besties back in primary when i really need one as i just got back from states. We used verbal language to converse as i was suffering from digesting BM language- syndrome. I really need a translator. So she was there helping:) It was like yesterday and now she's on the road of happiness:)
We are all getting old, i guess:p

p/s: I wish for the best dear:)

My tale for the Day...

I believed most of us who are working as a government service applies the relaxation zone of fitting in the 2 weeks hols with activities. Relax and have fun simultaneously without getting exhausted with paper works and students error of answering questions and etc-the list goes on..
Some might be travelling overseas, or travelling back hometown to celeberate the significant celebration - 'Hari Raya', preparing what's best for the celebration and listing names to whom is supposed to be visited first on the first RAYA:)
I was confined to be a very good companion for 5 days with my beloved one. Which i promised i would only spend 2 days. But i was better of with another additional 3 days. I would like to take the blame but, i figured out i would be a 'slut' for my kindness. So, my beloved one has to take all the blame. And yes! he should. After all, it was his unplanned, unpredictable job which hinders him to send me back home to MOMMA. So, was it him to be blamed or was it Time?
Well, i think i'm being too kind here.
Well, i managed myself to get my ass back home by taxi with my cousin who was actually going back to our hometown too-(which in the plan-he should be sending me back home) before my mom spread her spring rolls speech on me:p Which i seem to hate -at this age of mine. I felt i'm still like her lil baby who just couldn't care of her own. Well, that's why moms are meant to be in this world. Which is good-sometimes. We really do need them. But, still i hate the babbling part...(imagining)
Had myself stucked at home doing household chores. I only went to a few houses for RAYA. Which in detail was only 2! *Battering eyelashes*
I guess, i know no one back in this part of hometown of mine hahahha..
Or else i have no muslimin friends here?? (Thinking)
Oops, I do! And i supposed to go with friends. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get there on time and in the end, i'm too shy to go alone.
So, i felt so relaxed during this hols without doing much work. But mom was babbling at how turtleness movement i possess during the interval holiday days. I sweep slow, i carry the laundry slow, cook late(which counts under the category of SLOW), and after that ...
i sit
i sit
watch tv
never took my nap in the afternoon
Still i was babbled for not exercising...Hmph!
At last, we had a very good argument! And i landed to bed and sleep! Good Nite:)