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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

::3 in 1::

I am in the territory where Celcom broadband signal is waaaaay to low and it's hard for me to get things updated.
I can glue myself for hours and hours just to get the pictures loaded and just to make sure if anything happen i could refresh and re-do it again.

All i need was Patient.Nice!

I'm really being TESTED!
Well, a week ago,
i had wrapped up mock presents for the Christmas tree.
As i got hold on to the 3rd wrapper, my enthusisasm to wrap was decreasing. Why? I had trouble wrapping the 2nd one and it mellowed down my spirit to go on. However,I had to do it before mom comes back. She wouldn't be happy if the mock presents are yet to be placed under the tree.

~Here i was diligently and patiently wrapping up.
Yeah! I managed! With courage and the airconditioner filling up the livingroom (cool)
i got to the finish- line...
Good thing mom only bought 4 wrapping papers.
~If not-doom~

~And there i go... placing them nice and comfy where they supposed to be..


On the 19th, we had our carolling! It was raining and the folks intended to stay at DR Marcus's house as to represent every single house in our neighborhood.
As everyone were there, each head of the family selects a song!
No need of walking one house to another...

So here we were:

Above pict:Heather, Noel and Christopher aka Opo
Below pict: GG's Cuzzy(i didnt get her name) and GG
Above Pict: GG and I
Below pict: Opo And I
(Oh ya! He's currently studying in India, taking up Medicine..Wooooooh! A DOCTOR!)
Hehehhehehe..A handsome doctor,eh!

Upper pict: Mummy, Anty,GG, Me and Heather
Below Pict: ~Here we are! The Big family of KKD Mantailang~


The payday! Yeah! We went to Keningau to get my bills settled. Bills accumalation= 1grand! How? Dunt ask me. haahahah.. I'm dead but my fiance really saved me from the worse!
*Love you honey*
-Please do practice footing my bills heheheheh-

So, before we headed off, Mom was doing the measuring for the 2nd living room's curtain.

~Measuring the wall??~
Oh ya, FYI, the wall has been repainted to cream rose.It looks white to me.~lol~
Our previous one was blue and the color wasn't in a good shape. There were a few parts -here and there- where fading is colonizing the other part of the kingdom of the wall.
~The wall happens to look as if being infected with ringworms..Eeew! ~
Repaint! repaint! repaint!
~So, while mom was measuring,
i just took this snap randomly~

~We had our moment with the car before we headed off to Keningau~

~We arrived in Keningau early morning around 9am. And the TOWN was packed with cars and people. Holly macaroni Shaloney! Where the hell are these cars coming from?!~
Realizing that we were adding up the crowd! Lol!
So, there we were having breakfast before getting ourselves exhausted walking.
After breakfast, mom dropped me infront of the Ambank as there were no parking at all.
Entered the bank, took my number and waited.
I saw mom doing the double park routine activity. heheehhehehe......
I guess everyone does that~winks~
There were no longer there!!

I panicked(I'm always like that-that's me), I hate to be left without telling. I walked along the pathway, and i found them! Using my sensor programming center-Focusing on every lexus in the parking lots...There i spotted them-the only white Lexus hehehehe...

It was on the other side of the road.
I began to stride on as i cross the road.
As a precaution of my safety, i looked on my left, right and left again.
I was there. Hey! But no one was in there.
~I panicked again~
I saw a dress shop right infront of the car. I guessed right! They were in there heheheheh..

Well, -Ladies...

~So, if u ever happen to be in keningau, do come to this Dress shop~
Damn! The price for all nice dresses are only Rm50.
This is my shoplist from now on! Weheeee!!!
As i entered in the shop, mom was already trying the dresses.Oh My! So, i sat on the chair right in the middle of the shop. Not having any intention to look at the dresses. The anty came and said " You tak mau tengo2 dless yg balu sampai kah? Cantik2 lagi amoi." (Don't you wanna have a look at those new arrivals(dresses)?
So, i smiled. Stood up and took a look and gave a serious look at the sexy dresses.
(mostly reveiling)
There were many dresses which caught my eyes but the color didn't suit me at all.
Then this purple dress which mom was actually wearing in the fitting room, gave an eye opener to me to hunt down for another dress.
I took the dress mom wore and she took the other dress which was also puprlish!
We loike it!
However, i ended buying only one dress and a simple v-shape loose clothe which only cost me Rm30.Bingo!
I have something for xmas..!!
~Heather and I kept paced to ourselves and begin our cam-whoring~
*this was when we arrived home*
Bought the 2 rascals their xmas clothes, paid bills, paid bills and bought a few more things and landed on this nice restaurant.

~This was after we had our walks, and shop till we drop~
I ended buying a dress which i wasn't actually planning on to.

~A few picts of the siblings~

~Heather went to her slumber land and i was still awake on the way home.~

~After taking this snap, i joined Heather and Zzzzzzzz~
Thanks Mommy!!!!For the nice flight of PFU 6886!!

::I also bought a Jeans which i havent been shopping like almost 5 years::
Good for you Get!
Just don't get any bigger than now.
You might not fit a 26' anymore heheheheeheheh.....

::The 2010 Gathering::

On Dec,17th, 2010 which was just last Friday, the Teslian Cohort 1 had carried out the second gathering which started last year. And i wasn't able to attend because of certain matters. Thinking of what certain matters -i just couldn't recall back hahahhahaha...
Well, by hook or by crook, i had to make it to this one!
So, i did made myself there. And i was alive after taking the bus ride.Lol!
My dear friend Lina fetched me at the bus station.So Nice of her:)
The ride took about 3 hours.
It was damn cold! I managed to take my bali shawl and wrapped up my legs which was only covering from my lap to the level of my 'tegap2' calf hehehhhee..:)
Heading off to the 2nd Beach, there we were with Lina. I called Jac up to know right where they were. And Yes! They were at the 3rd hut. Lina and i confidently jumped out from her 4 wheel car, a VX Ninja and carrying out the things and walked towards where Jac had told us. However, when we arrived to the main entrance of the beach region, we couldn't find anyone of them. We saw people of course, but by the blury, sizy and the way the people move-it didn't match to whom we recognize.
Lina and i were scanning people as if we have the eyes of a programmed robot.
Target Not Match!
So i gave Jac another call and knew that we were at the wrong place hahahahhaha.
Going to the wrong place didn't made our face red. But, carrying picnic stuffs and walking confidently infront of people was the climax of the cheek bones goes red hehehhehehe...
So, we headed off to the right place and founded them.
Uppon arrival, there was another group of people BBQ-ing next to us.
We had to pass this group in order to reach ours.
When we arrive, Pian, Bridget and Nikki was already setting up the fire.

~Setting up the fire~The fire lit up in no time.

~Thanks to them for being the chefs~
.:The hubby and Lubi:.

~This is what we have on our menu that day~

~Walah! We were already biting off the chicken wings:p~

~Eating Time~

After eating time, we couldn't stop cam-whoring together hahahahha..

Especially ME!

So, here are the poses my classmates and i would love presenting:

~OH!Annie's Family had also came along~

~Our Jumping styles~

~We really loved jumping~

~JAcinta & Annie~
Annie:Style ala2 Korea nie! Korea suka begini hehehe..
And there she goes!

~The friendship of 8 years~
There were still others who couldn't make it!

~Eric, Me and The Beau Lenny~

~The cute and sweet Lina and Lubi~

~The beauty VV, Lenny and Handsome Eric~

~How i just love the Camera hahahah~

~I loike this~

~Hermm, Can't stop posing off, i guess~

~The Trios with this Korean guy hehhehehe..Lol~

Oh ya! Not to forget! We also had exchanging gifts on that day. So, what happened was. The moment i arrived, my present doesn't looks convincing as the wrapper was just horrible. I only managed to go and buy something for the gift the night before i left to KK. And i had trouble of not having a salotape.
I didn't have any option but only to use double tape huhuhuhu..
Lina kept teasing my present as the wrapper looks horrendous! and it doesn't look like a Present!
They gave a simple touch figuring what was inside. The present has a very beautiful hump and as they touched and patted they were thinking it was a container.
~I only managed to smile~
So, we wrote our names on a piece of paper,fold it and dumped it into a box so that we could just take our luck on who we are supposed to give our presents to.
~So, the game begins~

~I had trouble when it came to taking the folded papers randomly. I kept on getting my own name hahahahhahah~
~I managed to get 'Sintoot's aka Jac's Prezzie~
Love the mugs~
*Thanks Cynta*

~And here was what they thought was a CONTAINER! hahahahahah...Well, Lucky you Jac!~

ERIC & ME: Thanks for having the time to look at those simple pictures above!
::We called it a wrap after having the sun embracing our delicate skin.I got sunburn::

:: Love Award::


Thanks fur tagging-Michelle
I was tagged!!

So far this is my second tag.

And there are rules in tagging whereby you need to answer the questions.


Sometimes i ended up creating up my own rules hahahahaha

so here it goes!

1. Siapa orang yang korang paling sayang?

::People who loves me and my enemy::

2. Kenapa korang sayang orang yang korang sayang tu?

::Because loving those who loves me completes my circle of life. Without them i couldn't be who i am. And loving my enemy is just a feeling tat i feel anybody out there sometimes could not do-BUT I COULD!::

3. Berikan satu kata-kata sayang yang terbaik yang korang nak lafazkankepada orang yang korang sayang, tapi masih tak mampu lagi untuk dilafazkan.

::I love every bit of my lovely ones cuz you my loved ones and my foe had made me who i am now!::

Tag to others....

::Preserving the Day::


Well, I’m persevering the day today. My chances for success are iffy, but hey, you never know. Miracles have been known to happen -- but usually only to people who deserve 'em. Me, on the other hand, deserve nothing. So, I’m getting used to it.

Am baffled on my own schedule whether I could or couldn’t join in our gathering tomorrow. I always encounter problems when it’s last minute. Even last year, I didn’t managed to joined in the gathering karaoke-ing with them. Tsk…tsk…tsk.. What a pity!

I hope by preserving the day today, gives me the ultimate time to attend the gathering and join in the fun of bbq-ing~winks~

When I told Mom-3 days before- that I was going for a gathering her long face showed of disagreement.
I understand the situation. No one’s babysitting my 2 lil siblings who are 12 and 8 years old. Mom goes off to work ­­till 5pm and only can I get to go when Mom’s around the house. And Dad on the other hand is flying off to KL for a meeting today. Pity him. Gave him a hug before he left this mo’- I haven’t even washed my face hahahahaaah….Well, there goes my challenge!

So, today, I changed my mind of not going to KK which is a 2 and-a- half hours from here. I booked the bus ticket for tomorrow’s trip. So, that my lil siblings could make it throughout the day tomorrow without anyone parenting them. Well, they are actually used to staying both together in the house while mom and dad is off to work and only comes back in the evening. (I’m not staying with them during school days as I’m working quite far from the family. I only come back for the holidays.) No babysitter’s needed. However, having me here is a must. Well, that I understand. Mom just wants me around the house ~I know that~ *smile*

By hook or by crook I must go!! As I had promised earlier with friends of mine. So, I guess it wouldn’t be very nice calling off last minute huh.

I haven’t taken a bus since I have my own car and wheels to steer. But my car was sent to the workshop by my fiancĂ© to make over. You know-Guys…
~It’s a xmas present~ And I can’t wait to see the NEW look! But, I guess it’ll be hold up for another 2 months. It would no longer be a xmas present haahaha.. Valentine present will suit that!

I felt funny as now I had to take a bus which limits my trips and expands my walking exercises hehehehe.. I remembered being like this during my teens and I survived! I guess I will again heheheh..

Uncle Lee, an awesome blogger – had gone through many experiences and he had gone thru thick and thin of this challenging live. He made it and is now rich! Money and opportunities didn’t came down from the sky he struggled for it! His stories are fascinating and should be a lesson to the younger ones like me!

Complaining of just getting on the bus is ridiculous! Not that I’m rich but I’m just too indulged possessing the good life wahaahhaha… NOT!

::Happy Graduation::

At last, a friend of mine who was taking up the same course as i was during our Uni has finally GRADUATED. And now is a MAster holder in TESOL.
So that means, she teaches english to those who are non-speaker of English.
And now she was offered being a lecturer there.
Howd i wished i could pursue my MASTER there too..
~Fingers cross~
Errrmm, giving it another thought, i guess NOT! hahahahah

This beautiful lass has her sweet smiles carrying with her just everywhere she would go.
She's so friendly and a down to earth lass-just by looking at her personalty and how she goes about when she talks to people.
I merely know her as she was frequently to be seen around the campus and had never had the time to chit chat.
She wasn't my classmate nor was she my friend during those 2 years in the camp.
However, i found that she's just a humble person who could actually talk with anybody and burst her laughs-not knowing who she was talking to..
I judged her wrong back then! Hehehehehe...Sorry Dear!
Met her during our graduation day and she just chatted with me like 'who cares who you are'!
She's so friendly and beautiful!

Finishing her degree level in a local university in Shah Alam, led her working for quite sometime writing journals(i forgot-please help me get this right) and pursue her master in States(Washington)....
Looking at my chat list friends last night, she was online and clicked her name and her page popped out. What surprised me was she was using a rob..And i immediately asked her 'You've graduated?! Without saying the simple hi and what not of greeting hehehehe...So rude of me!

And here below i would love to present the Lovely Ms.Laraa:)

::All the best dear::


At last, i went for confession! It was the last day for this week. I thought of going last Thursday but many things were to attend and i couldn't make it till today. Well, thanks God, I did and managed before Xmas ..Yeah!
Happy advance Xmas to all! My friends and foster family in States! Love ya'll so much!


I've been longing to straightened my hair since last year as i had my curls danggling on my scalp for almost 2 years. And now its touching on my butt line. (To be exact! Lol)

So, i went to the Saloon right after Mass ended.

As i was going out from the church, saw a friend of mine Irwan Buing! The one i Blogged about this month! With his beloved wife Mrs. Buing!
Shaked hands, chit chat and left.
Went to the saloon! Yeah! I'm almost to accomplish what i wished for.

Came in! And wow! There were many ladies on the 2 short benches waiting for their turn to get a hair cut or i guess, getting straightened hair like me!

I had to wait almost 30 minutes to get my butt on that seat and ready to pamper my hair with chemicals hahahahaha.. I guess it might be choking by now! But don't worry i gave it a delicate treatment hair right after the chemicals were busy making my strings of hair their permenant place to reside on. I hope that reduces the pain! Ahakz!:p



Goood-bye Mrs.Curly aka Simba...




Welcome Straity! Have a happy 5 months for 2011. Or maybe more.It depends how you can make this one lady here pretty in her stressful days! :p
If you managed! You'll live longer hahahaha..

:: I'm really gonna miss my curls! Definitely!!!
:: Honey! I know you prefer me in straights,right?