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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

A gift. To whom May concern.

We all go through times of struggle against the world.
And In these times, I am inclined to hold my cards pretty close to my chin.
I favor the challenges in life-challenged. And the journey of my upmost grief has come to an end.

I no more hold the grudges!

"What we are to do then is be patient with one another and forgiving. When someone hurts us we are not to " hold a grudge" but we are to forgive them and drop the offense. Even if they do not pick it up and acknowledge that they put it on us, we will still be set free because we have let it go, and letting it go, means never going back and picking it up again. We are to walk away from it, leaving it behind and never looking back at it. If we can do that, then we can go forward and not be held back by holding a grudge which will get heavier over time. " Quoted by FLU, 2010

I'm sure that you have read my previous post. So, yesterday i went and bought something for her to make things out. A friend of mine had told me that i was so stupid. But, deep down in me i felt guilty. For what? I don't have a clue- nor do i know why.

Am i being an angel? or stupid?

I guess both.

Well, this was the small gift.

It's simple but its a GIFT!

If she doesnt like it, well, then i suppose i'm Wasting my KINDNESS for a person like her.Lol!

~I had to hung it on the door knob ~

I tried knocking for a few times, but she didn't care to open.
So, beats her!

She'll soon come out from her nutshell.

Oh! God! Why am i so kind?

p/s: People might say i'm stupid, but i'll tell you this is the last time i'm doing good deeds to her:p Lol!

Embracing our Enemy:) Peace

As i cruise along my e-mail. I spot my Daily AstroSlam and read it. It sounds like this:-

Hi Felly! Here is your Daily AstroSlam for Friday, November 26

Flirt with the enemy. Hold hands with an archrival. Send flowers to the last person you shouted at. Leave a thank-you note for the meter maid on your windshield -- do anything you can to swing karma in your direction. You're really gonna need it!

Most of you know by now that i had moved to a new house. It's not just because i wanted a life of my own. I love sharing with others or having a housemate. Unfortunately, the 2 years i was with my housemate, i was really stressed out with her way. She is an ungrateful person.

CLeaning and mopping the house was my faithful duty every week. She only cleans her room and never care about the living room not even to think about the cleanliness of the kitchen. Well, i have been considerate with her for so many aspects. I even paid the water and electrical bills the rest of the year in 2009. Still she dares to do things to hurt me and she is so not professional. I respect her as my boss as she is the HEAD of LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT!

I respected her in many ways for 2 years. Not making any noise and walking silently after returning to school and directly marched to my room. Just imagine being so silent mode in that house.. I was afraid to cook too as it might wake her up during her nappy time. I only managed to cook ONLY if i was DAMN hungry. I even respect her bathing time which is 5:30am. If i woke up late then i would end up going to school late too. She almost took 30 minutes in the bathroom as she washes her clothes every morning. So, goes my life in that 2 years. I experienced a horrible and a terrible one.

But, i would like to say thanks to GOD! For i had met this kind of person in my life. It really helps me to be more patient and not to care about anyone. (which is ugly)

(2008)I still remember the day i was posted in that school. I arrived the school on Thursday afternoon. And went to school on Friday. I didn't know that the house was so empty without any kitchen-ware and hardly any onions or woks to be used to cook.
So, on Friday, i directly went back home with only having myself equipped of foods in the morning. My tummy began to grumble in the eve around 5pm. I went in the kitchen as to find myself something to fried on ,but i failed! hahahhahaha... even i couldn't fry myself without any cooking, onions and a wok .LOL
I was left without anything to eat the rest of the whole night!
In the morning, the kakak told me she was going out to attend her class in one of the UMS branch here. WHen i told her to help me to buy me some foods as i hadn't ate since last night, she simply says that " Akak tidak mau lah. Akak tidak pi mana2.Lepas kelas kakak terus balik rumah".
~I pray so hard to God for help that moment as my gastric was already attacking me~

Lamenting on this problem shows that i might be weak. I might be weak here as i'm showering all the unsatisfactions i experienced but in reality i was STRONG enough to face this wicked person who tends to distort my happy life. I face her with a morning smile, talks to her ONLY if she begins a conversation. I cooked dishes for her but never she ate it.Maybe only if i cooked chicken-well, it depends on her mood though.

There was one incident where i only cooked sardin as i was too tired of eating fish and chicken. I invited her to eat and she said " Aiks, sardin saja?" My feelings were mixed with anger and sadness. She aggravated me so much.
The 2nd incident was where i had cooked and invited her to eat and she said "Akak tau bah kalau ajak-ajak ayam sama ajak2 betul" My face turned red as my pressure pumps the blood up towards my head and scattered through my veins and directly to my face.Waaargh!
There were more incidents-and i could make a book of it! hahahahaha

I even bought a pack of 10kg pack of rice and one tong gas for free. And she's using the gas and the rice for free NOW. I didn't even care to think of taking it with me to my new nest.


Knock, knock,knock.....

I opened the door and it was my students. As i opened the door, i saw a piece of paper sticking on my door. I was shocked! And i knew it must be HER again! And my prediction hit the nail.

~She had just told me that i could borrow the mattresses for a while just before i could go out and buy a few metres of cloth so i could sew up the holes from the ones in my place~

~She told me to throw the key of my previous house~
As if i am going to steal her stuffs..I wouldn't even dare to enter a house which i am no more living in.....

~She signed off ~
~And this was what i wrote back~

P/S: But then again, what my astroslam's say... It gave me an idea to go out and buy a cute card and put it in front of her door:) I guess she never had someone giving her a present:) I feel pity on her. I guess i should!
Remembering the 'black eyed peas's' song....
'What's happening to the world mama... We're livin like we aint got no mama''
It's better to embrace the enemy:)
i want the world to live in peace and this is what i want to do and show to the new generations...

♥ My foster family in states:)♥

I hadn't met with my foster family back in States. Hermm??? How long? I'm no good in calculating . So, i guess u guys can help me do the calculation:) Came back to M'sia in 1993 and met them in Fb in 2010. Have you the answer yet?

Mom suddenly called up and told me she found the Kajdans' via FB. I was overwhelmed at the news and quickly opened up my FB account after a few weeks of non-Fb visit. I checked them out And It was REALLY THEM! Gosh!

After 17 years(i reckon it to be), mom and i had tried our best to keep them updated with what's happening to us in Sabah. And lose contact in 1998 and thereafter permenantly did not mail them anything after the 9/11 tragedy.

And this year, we met again! We exchanged stories and Stephen is now in a local band which is getting to the ears of every Americans and i hope their songs will be aired in Malaysia soon hahahaaha. I had messaged Stephen's sister but there was no reply. Maybe they were too busy as they were moving to their old house and re-modeling it. Love to hear that they were okay and everything was fine.

I haven't got much news about Sarah. But i knew she had graduated from the 'Home-school' graduation! On the other hand, Stephen was the one who frequently replied to me and i was so happy that he did. He's still single and now owns a house of his own. Good for you,Steven! (Sorry for the misspelling hehehe)

Sarah and Stephen were my childhood friends. These two quarrels alot and fights over simple things. I was the audience of their fights and their mother (Nancy-who babysits my brother Russell) was the one who'll always gets them to cool off, whom i called the mediator! Heheehehe...:) But then not long after seconds passed by, they'll fight again.
I still recalled the days where we went to their grandparents house before we left to Malaysia:)
I missed the days i was with them.
I remembered during my childhood days, they wore glasses. But, it seems that their pictures in Fb show that they no more depend on their 'glasses' to see. I guess their eyes are geting better and mine is getting worse hahahahahah..
Here are a few replies from Steven:

~Good thing Steven remembered me~

~Do check their website at this link:

~Stephen is STILL SINGLE and AVAILABLE(Iguess). But, That's how he put it though:)

So,ladies out there go and check out their songs and i'll see whether Steven likes Asian lasses as his partner hahahahaahah.

Don't be mad Stephen! I'm just pulling a joke here:)


*After forming in Russelville, Arkansas in 2006, Dark From Day One set out to find their musical direction. In fall 2008,they entered a contest to have their music placed on a Lionsgate film "The Punisher" War zone. and so on.. U guys go and check it out! I'm just writing the same thing which is written in the website hahahaha....

~I hope they could come and attend my wedding~

I missed them.

I wished i could pay them a visit ONE DAY:)

~A silent Prayer~

*I'm sorry to misspell your name*

Annual Dinner 2010

We had our agony meeting on Saturday and a blissful annual dinner on the next day. I was one of the comittee of the Year End Annual Dinner. I was incharge to register those who came:)

I came around 6:45pm and pulled myself on the chair and thinking what to do next.

~Sitting at the registration table~
They were already a few colleague's of mine there:)
Nothing was to be done as there were no incoming people whom i knew entering the entrance. So, i head up to the 'taking picture zone' on a small stage with a few friends:)
The door gift came a bit late as the person in charge was busy preparing so many things in the earlier hours. Thumbs up to them!

Our theme for this year is "Smart and Casual".

Last year i pulled up a Leopord print theme and this year i came out the SAME THEME hahahhaha. I dunt understand why i love leopord print so much.

~Annual Luncheon 2009~

~And THIS IS ME in 2010~

I'm wondering what to wear next year:)

~Kak Masnah & I~
-We were the Early arrivals-

~Lisa & I~
We were having our annual dinner on the same date as SMK Kuhara. And i bumped into Lisa and managed to get a quick shot with her. Theirs were so grand. Their theme were ethnic and i guess she was trying to be one of those Arabic women in the middle east hehehhehe:)
And she amazingly pulled herself to be ONE:p
They even have a beautiful flowery entrance which can be seen just right behind us:)
Isn't she beauooo-tiful?? I would say -YES!

~Kak Sugiarti, me & Kak Masnah~
(Colleagues of mine)
And here are my table members:

On that night, we had to randomly choose a small square in size paper which is printed with numbers on it and therefore keep it safely as it will be useful during the lucky draw session. Our lucky draw event was quite fair. Whereby, all of us will get a gift. The only thing is that each gifts varies from each other. So, it'll depend on which lucky number we took. I got number 39 and i got a clock!
We also had 'changing gift' session! I gave my present to my own KP hehehhehe.
I hope she liked it.
And Noraida gave me hers....:)


Why am i holding a fork while opening the present? Well, ladies and gentlemen! I have no idea what Noraida has given to me as she has taped the whole box. And i had difficulties to open it. I wished to use my teeth as my scissors which helps me to define my appearance on that night hahahahaha.. But, my table members said it was ridiculous for a lovely leopord to show her true nature in the public. ~laughing~

And so i did as politely and wisdom-like to spontaneously grab the fork on the table and open the box. Cikgu Faizal just couldn't stop looking at how seriously i was to use the FORK as my tool. ~giggle~
Waaaaah! I really need plates as to complete my kitchen-ware.

We have 2 types of door gifts which were lady's fan and this cut lil box. The lady's fan was for the ladies and obviously the male got this box. However, i got this from cikgu Ruslan:)

Thanks Lan!
We were also given a few certs as a token of a appreciation. How'd i wished our principle gives us money as a reward for our hard work last year huhuhuu..He should:) Then, at least we have the enthusiasm to work hard in the future and no mor complainings here and there:)
I pray...

A Silent complaint

There were many things that happened in the past few weeks(in our school) and i'm no good of commenting which side is actually the part to be blamed. However, i'm trying my best not to get involved in such chaotic event. I should be much more flexible and be as neutral as can be.

However, in the end, i was stressed up as i was given 26 periods teaching MUET and 2 classes of SPM. I couldn't bare the consequences as these classes are exam classes. That doesn't include my other posts i hold in other clubs, uniforms and you name it. Hey Common! We have almost 81 teachers and those who could teach English subjects. And we're like what? 2 sessions. I'm getting married next year.Please understand..... My honey will be soon marrying a cuckoo wife hahahaha...

I was quite afraid of defending my own reasons whatmore to meet up my dearest PK1 on that matter. Having said of all the problems and chaoticness that all of us are facing, i dare not add up the heat of pressure.
Suddenly, my case was heard by my selected lawyer and i was called upon to meet the judge heheheeh. We didn't come into a conclusion that my periods will be reduced but i managed to get out from being the 'Ketua' from a particular club. Hermm-??? will it lessen the burden of marking.

It's quite tough after all. As i am the only one teaching MUET. Couldn't they find anyone who could help me?? My students will be sitting their exam in MAY. And after that i am finished with my upper six and continue to carry on with the new lower six in JUne. I need a breath!
Just because MUET does not effect the school's result, therefore they took this matter so light.
I'm not the only one capable of this particular language. And im no Machine.

It's like non-stop working and marking throughout the year... Please give me a rest! Give me form 4.

Ache days!

I was busy preparing myself to make over this old teachers' quarters.
Bought brushes, paints, garbage plasctics.
As i entered, the woods from the cabinets were already munched up by the termites.
Oh! Gosh! There were many parts needed to be cleaned.
And here Are a few picts before the repainting process was carried out:
~First Day~

~My kids were sweeping the dirty floor~

~Mayliana who was tired after sweeping the rooms

~Me washing the mirrors~
It was tough and had a few splits and it hurts.

~After the spring cleaning was done, now comes the painting part~

~This is us~

~Me mixing the paint with water, trying to use as less as i could~
Day 2

~Nasrullah-He was afraid with hights- However, he managed~

~ This part was done the night before~

~This too~

~The aisle to the rooms~

~the 2nd room~

-There are more to come-
This was just the beginning. Oh Gosh! My body is still aching till now. Credits goes to my lovely students who were just kind enough to help me to get things done on time. 2 days of cleaning isn't enough. so, im cosidering to call up my form 6 students this Saturday to help me do another touch up on the house. Can't wait to move in ..Yihaaaa! I hope the aches will soon pay into a self-reward:)