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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

Pampering Ourselves!

Mimi and I went for a facial session yesterday. It was my second time after 24 years leaving my filthy skin FILTHY hahahah. . It was time to pamper my skin as im getting older and i think i am OLD! I hope not!

First, was the make-up remover. Then, the scrub (I really Love this). I was using Apple while mimi had to use Green Tea because her skin was a bit course and the her tone skin was imbalance. I love the fragrance of the Apple scrub. It contains vitamin D and A just to clean the hidden impurites beneath the skin it was a sign that i didn't really have any problems with my skin. Just to cleanse it more.

Next, was the sonic whatever thing they called that. Then, came the massaging part! Oh! Gosh! I really loved that part! I feel like doing it again... How i wish i had a friend who knew how to ........

I really had a relaxing facial session. I even fell asleep during the session but during the 'picit-memicit' pimples time, I woke up with my heart beat pounding so fast with (my eyes still close). .. didn't want to make all the chaotic feeling obvious.

I hate that Part! Mimi too. She said she just feels like kicking the lady heheheh. .

Hah! Lastly, the cooling mask! Man! It was so refreshing and cool! I felt so clean and fair after all the session was done!


My eyebrows were plucked and it turned out that i really loath it so much. Argh! Never want her to pluck mine again.

Anyways, i had a great time relaxing despite of the ugly eyebrows i have now. Mimi and i were aiming for the body scrub. .. . week i guess heheheh:p

Months passed By and HERE it Is!

June has many distinctives: school Holidays, Vacations, Back to Hometown, spending times with my family, hot weather, green grass and trees, river flowing as usual and the nature was just in the good mood.

I love them all (except humidity which does not match the feelings) - gloomy essence of mourning.
I love my siblings. I know it’s sometimes tough to keep them from getting bored and clobbering each other during my short visit home before going to KL.

July: same as in June.
August and September potrays somewhat an adventerous and washbuckling experience. Meddling and tumbling into workloads. Crash under another financial planning that doesn't seem to get to nowhere close to SOLUTION. Flaunting on with another Vacay to KL. Anniversary celebration. And early Pay-day to succumb in another careful planning.(It helps to ease the grieveness that keeps residing within me) Thank God! Those non-stop activities really helps to reduce the sadness and poignant feelings which is so Ugaa-Lay!

But October wouldn’t be October without the mentioned activities above. . It is a slow month and not so much of thinking was going on. It assists the reminscing memories to surface, and I hope you are making and storing lots of them during this floody and stormy interlude.

The weather is going crazy; Ketsana, Patricia, Parma and the names goes on (as if they were humans). Tsunami, earthquakes lavishly coming in unwelcomed. Death was rising. Many people lost in the battle. these typhoons Hovered many deaths.

It triggered the lost feeling i kept hiding behind the backyard of my mind.

23rd. October.2009. Marks the 100th days of my grandfather's death.

-And I'm going back home-

Sunday Reflection


My alarm rung at 4:30am -the usual time for me to get up during working days. I stopped the alarm and continued my slumber sleep. I woke up a quarter past six. It was Sunday and it was time for me to get up and get ready to church. I folded the comforter and placed it nicely on my decorated red and white flowery pillow.

I forced my lazy legs to lead me to the bathroom.
I took my tooth brush and opened the cap lid. Rinsing it with water and squeezed the toothpaste on it. I began the brushing that includes tongue brushing heheheh. . .
Took the Garnier face scrub and pour the gel on my palm. I sandwiched the gel between my palms rubbing and twisting it to get the gel even on each hands. Washed my coarse skin filled with pores and pigmentations. I could feel the beads as I pressed my hands harder while scrubbing. It felt nice and the smell was rejuvenating. So, psychologically I was drowned into the mind of having a young skin without pores and all. (Grinning) Rinsed with water and I felt my face as clean as snow.

I took the shower gel bottle and turned it upside down where the upper head of the bottle below and the bottom bottle up. I gave it a tense squeeze and let the cream mousse drop on my palm. Pouring a generous serving of Lux Magic Spell on my palm, I quickly placed it back and splattered myself with the rich creamy lather.
The smell of the cream mousse was refreshing.
Done cleaning. And went for the usual make up session. Completed that!
Next, for the clothes department. I opened up my closet and there were many to choose from blouses, skirts, jeans, t-shirts, track suits, revealing blouses and etc. . . I have to look more decent as I need to respect the holy day. So, I took a blouse which was not that revealing and stretched my hand deeper to get my old white stripy jeans.

It was 15 minutes to 8am. Got down the stairs and heated my car a few seconds before going off to church.

At the church
~The young couples~

I arrived 30 minutes earlier. There were still many seats. So, all I had to do was to choose. I went in and found a place to sit. I read the readings before doing the usual simple prayer before mass starts. After I was done, I sat back on the long wooden chair.
A few minutes later, a young boy holding a baby using a ‘baby carrier’, sat in front of me. It was so nice of this boy to carry his little sister using a baby carrier to church. Nowadays, young boys would be ashamed of even having to hold his sister’s hand. What more, to carry their little sister with a baby carrier in public. (I don’t think so)
Suddenly, a small cute girl came and sat by his side. I thought they were siblings. So, I wasn’t thinking of anything that might trigger my thoughts to run so far. However, I wasn’t that stupid, na├»ve nor innocent. I understood the intimacy between these two. But, the boy was soooo young. Gosh! I couldn’t take off my eyes on the boy. My eyes were glued on him. I was stunned and amazed- Watching him carrying the baby, patting the baby, and trying to play with the baby. So, Sweet! He was matured for his age. I admired the way the young boy (imagining my second brother Russell) who knows how to take care of the baby. The girl (which happened to be his wife) exchanged her lovely looks with her young husband. They kept doing that every few seconds. I think they just got married Or not?- That I don’t want to know. I think they were only in their teens. Such a young age to get married! Well, at least they love each other and appreciated the gift from up heaven-a beautiful baby girl!
The relationship I witnessed was sweet and romantic!
I wanted one too but not so soon. (smiling)

I just couldn’t imagine how this couple would survive. They don’t look like as if they were both educated. Even people who are working and are single have the difficulties to survive. I hope they have the strength to go through the coarse life-full of bumpy, steep and winding roads. I hope the determination will bring them to a better life.

Mass started.

~The toddlers~
During sermon.
I was listening attentively to the sermon. When, my eyes caught 2 young toddlers who happened to be my colleague’s daughters. I observed their behaviors and it was kinda fun to just look at how they bring out themselves.
I was 4 rows behind them.
Kids couldn’t stay still in one place for even 5 minutes. Talk about even seconds. They would want to run around if possible to change where and how they sit every 5 minutes or 30 seconds.
The two toddlers walked a few inches from their sitting place and stood near the door and the eldest knew it was wrong to go out and play before the mass ends. So, she just leaned against the wall being near to the door and watched the other kids playing and running around. I could feel how much she would REALLY wanted to go and join the other kids. But rules are rules. It shows that she was being quite obedient.
The part out from the church was a no-no territory. The young sister who was kind of witty seems to know the rules too. She did an experiment on her sister to test whether the father will get mad at her if she trespass the no-no territory (instead of going out herself). So what she did was she attempted a few push to her eldest sister. The eldest tried to stand stiffly where she was but at the last push she surrendered and slipped off.
And yes! The father gave in a stern look and she quickly came back in.
Kinda clever huh?
Kids nowadays…

I shift my focus back to the sermon.

Suddenly, when the sermon was done, I saw they were already out to the no-no territory. The father raced to get the young sister and the eldest ran back in as quickly because she knew she would surely be punished for going out abruptly without the consent of their parents. What more, she was the Eldest. heheheh

They knew the consequence still they broke the rules.
Now, that is what I call kids!

I really had fun observing while reflecting!

Frantic Calls 2#

Day One
A few days before, I called my once “money collector” and he picked it up. Yes! He’s still alive! I asked him why the KL’ian’ guy was still hunting me for the payment. He was shocked to hear the news. I was wondering why was he so surprised when he was the one who took my money! I screamed silently to myself. (Thinking) People with bad (intentions) has their own way of hiding their schemes. He then told me to call him back later.(Hah! It must be him) As soon as I hung up and said I will. I was worried he might not pick up my calls again. But I remembered Caroline telling me that Mc(money collector guy) is still working in their company. So, I was at my wits end not knowing what to do.

I tried to call him late in the evening again. And amazingly I heard the ringing. It rung and rung. Oh! Gawd! He’s not going to pick up my phone. I’m surely gonna have to retrieve back my receipts which will take me a long tyme of searching and hunting. And suddenly, there was a recognizable voice on the other end of the line. Oh! Thank you Lord! I asked him again whether he still recognized me or not. And indeed he did! I was asking him what was going on. And he told me he will call me at night to see what the problem was. Being humble, and having my trust more to ‘Benard’, told him that “I have the receipts with me. So, If KL wants any evidence I am sure to have the receipts as an evidence.” (I was trying to scare him off) and I hung up. On the second thought, I wasn’t being humble, huh?

Day Two
Called my MC back and told him that I was called by the KL guy again. He promised to call me back. SO I waited in the afternoon. No calls. Took a nap and woke up in the evening, also no calls. I waited until the moon reveals itself, there was also no calls.

It surely gotta be him. He’s the one who longsap my money. Dammit! But, wait a minute. I gave a deep thought. If it was him why did he pick up my calls? And I never felt that every time I called him up, he was not trying to AVOID from me.

If he was the one who took my money, he would’ve off his hand phone or either changed his number. Right? Gosh. I’m being an inspector myself.

Day three
I received a message from my once MC, telling me not to receive any calls made by their company in KL. He knew what was going on and late in the evening he promised to call me. While I was having lunch, This Mr Benard who I now knew he’s name was Mr Bennett( Suddenly I remembered Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice) Lol. Ok Ok back to the story. . Up till now, I still couldn’t see whom I should trust with.

Later in the evening, oops, I mean night. Mc called me up and told me EXACTLY what was going on in their company in KL. The lady who was actually handling the matter had already resigned. So, it was so hard to solve this problem. And this lady might be the one who did it. WE’ll never know!
Mr Benard, Aaargh! I meant Mr Bennett really knows how to physiologically persuade me being on his side. Now the innocent MC who had already paid into the account and sending the receipts back to kl a year ago has no evidence of him not paying the money. Because he had sent all the receipts to KL. I pity him so much! If he was really a bad person he would ask me to pay again. And now he is trying to do what’s best for him.

When I hung up the phone. Me and my honey reflected on how people are nowadays. Just because of money they would go down deep in the ocean to get it no matter what! These are people who just have no other lives towards deceiving. I don’t think they know God or maybe they do but why are people so stupid enough to be in so much haste of sinful deeds? I wonder whether the money they took lasts.

In this world, strangers or even close friends, are hard to be trusted. We must be aware of our surroundings. Evil conquers earth! We are to be test and everyday will be a new day of evilish acts. So, I would like to plead ya’ll out there, to just give a simple prayer before doing anything or going out from your home or whatsoever. Prayer is the magical thing that can help us. It’s a miracle. Simple prayer will help you and therefore remember that miracle happens because GOD is always around when we need him

I hope mc will soon get out from the maze game. I remembered Harry Potter who in the end got hold of the trophy. But in his way to success he met with (I forgot his name) Well, I hope MC wont! I hope he’ll just get his way out,I pray!

Frantic Calls!

Have you ever received a phone call from a certain bank or company regarding about your late payments and so forth credit cards and etc. . ? Well, I did! The story started when mum called me up.

And as usual I’ll call her back because she was using prepaid and mine was ‘registered’ (postpaid). Prepaid credits seem to finish off quickly. The postpaid ones seem a bit convenient for me. So, I called her back! Her voice wasn’t the usual friendly and cozy one. She didn’t even say the warm ‘Hi’ that I usually received whenever she picks up the call. I could hear the trembling and stuttering at the end of each words. But she acted as if she was cool. Which is a good technique to hide the stress. I was in a confused state and started asking what the matter was. She told me that an Indian guy(didn’t had the chance to get the name) called up at home. Her voice gave another stutter. I was like- theeeeeen?????

She continued slowly, and told me the guy REALLY wanted to talk to me regarding about the book I have bought during my practical days in St. Michael, which was ‘The Book Of Knowledge’. It costs me around Rm 3192. I remembered about the price but what really pop the balloon out of me was, ‘I had paid and had settled all the payments in December’ and was still being hunted about the payments.

I was really pissed off at that juncture. I wouldn’t want to pay another RM 1330. If it was really my fault of course I would but I shouldn’t be blamed just because of someone’s mistake in their company(not to be mentioned).

Without giving a chance for my neurons to reach my brain, I recalled of a friendly lady in the company. I quickly called her up-(Caroline) who was the one responsible selling the book to me. I asked for her advice on what I should do and if possible get everything nailed down. I endeavored myself to remain calm. Unfortunately my voice couldn’t hide the emotion. I was facing a windy and stormy havoc. I felt I was trapped in a maze and couldn’t find my way out. She advised me to better check whether I have all the receipts with me to show as the evidence of my payment. I went like-receipt?! I am at the dead end of the road! For sure I am! Kill me somebody!

Oh!Gosh! I have no idea where those receipts are now. Shoot! I just lost a few valuable and pricy lil papers which was written by roman letters on it and signed by the money collector’s name. Ugh! What an ugly day for me! This is just not happening to me….Arrrrrrrrrgh!

The guy from KL shortly called me right after I ended up the conversation with Caroline. I was giving the second thought of picking the call but if I didn’t; this problem would never end and there would be no solution to it. I pressed the receiver green button and conducted myself in a very good manner and politely giving a very nice ‘Hi, this is Felly.’ He was friendly and inviting and replied, ‘Hi! Felly! This is Benard( I didn’t get to hear the name clearly Benarn, Benard or Bernen) I was calling him Mr Benard trying to give a silent /d/ sound there so it wouldn’t be very obvious if I did mistakenly called his name. I wasn’t hoping for the cordial 50 seconds intro. I directly told him the problem I was facing and we REALLY took a long chat about the matter. I didn’t know that we have been talking for the past 15 minutes. To make it short, our conversation leads into a conclusion whereby he will try his best to do whatever he could and trace down the culprit behind the scene.

Before ending our 15 minutes conversation, I managed to ask. “Are you going to charge me over the phone call you made?” He replied in surprised, “Oh! No, no, no dear! I won’t do that, but if you really want me to top up your credit, I sure could do that for you.” I smiled on the other line. And continued sheepishly “ Oh! I thought you would, cuz most banks and certain customer services would charge for the calls they made.” He gave a laugh at my innocent joke which wasn’t a joke for me.

Moral of the story: Make sure to keep receipts after 3 years in time. Be wise to choose receipts you think is important for you. If not, you’ll be having a compact wallet full with receipts instead of money

SO, you guys out there! Beware and be careful. Things might not go what we expected. Always be prepared for the uncertainties.

I Got the ticket alas!

Bali Here I come. . .

Ma BFF Mimi went to Jakarta once. So she has an experience dealing with passport and all...I told her i was sad that i needed a passport in order fur me to book the ticket to Bali.

SHe went: Eh! No need lah! Kan i booked my ticket before flying, you tidak ingat kah?

Me: Uh,,,really? I don't remember(feeling guilty simultaneously trying to recall).
Darn! Think think think Felly! where is that scene...
My neurons were actively searching wildly thru my brain memory disc... going deeper, deeper and deeper....aaaaaaaaand walah!
Oh! Yeeeaaaah that day! I remember now..(remembering the scene at the immigration department while smiling)
~Very cheap cuz I'm flying next year hehehehe~

~RM450 for 2 person. . Getaway Holiday~

I managed at last to booked our tickets to Bali withot passports. Now, My assignment is to GET myself ONE asap. . .

I'm glad to buy it cheap:) Quite cheap lah kan. . . and that is not included with my single fare from kk to Kl(return) heheheheh:p Oh Geez!

A False alram of a successful ticket to Bali

I was actually on line busying myself searching for cheap tickets to Bali. I really wanted to go somewhere from my comfort zone and see new places and people from every walks of life. Now this is it! WHat made me so determined more was my aunt was celebrating her wedding there:) I just couldn't wait for her BIG day!
I was more excited when my honey said he wanted to go too! Oh this is just so an exciting news for me:) I am sure gonna have fun with Him there:p
1/. watching the sunset(if possible)
2/. celebrating my aunt's big day
3/. meeting up with her new family
4/.watching people half naked on the sand
5/. let ma honey freely wonders his eyes to the beautiful ladies on the beach...
i'll sure take care of him:)
6/. sittin on the sand and experience the breeze ...
I just cant wait..

However, when i realized, that i do not have a passport! I went s***t,....Hahahaha. . . I was extremely happy to see the price but when i was filling up the blank form, i need to fill in the passport number box..Shoot!
I really thought it was like buying tickets going to KL ...mulau mulau. . .So nutsy me!

The price was rm410.. quite cheap

~Just noticed the passport no box~

Sad...dunno when i will get ma passport ready..By that time, the price will sure increase Huhuhhuhu....

Was just about to carve a big smile . . . .