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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

::I love::

I guess it's not that late to blog about my 5th annivesary.

I did not went for a wonderful dinner at a quintessential European vibe with posh interior decor coupled with whimsical food art.

And dressed in a black one shoulder sequined dress with an assymetrical hemline to make me taller (But i would love to,One day ~winks)

But, amazingly My Honey had bought me a Samsung Galaxy P1000 and a dark brown, leatherly soft cum spacious tote handbag.
It was more than the European dinner and the dress i would die for.

I would not call myself as a gadget-tech fan. I could even live my life with my last years' annivesary present. My E63.

But once i got my hand on this Honeycomb... Man! I was totally into this device and i even could surf even though i was down with FEVER! Hahahahah. . . .

Anyways, thanks for the Prezzie Hon!

Happy Belated Annivesary!

*Siap kena kirim dari KL lagi hehehehe...


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Simba, wow! I love this name.....means 'lion' in African Swahili language.
And lucky you getting that Samsung present.
Your beloved has good taste and always the thought that counts.

I love the pics in your sidebar.....very nice.
Ans as well, that dress would look sensational on you.
Have fun, Simba, and keep a song in your heart.

AnnieMing said...

Aya saya jelos! Anyway, happy belated Anniversary to both of you :D

GeTzzz.... said...

Uncle Lee: hi there uncle Lee! Haven't heard you for a long time but dunt worry been reading your funny humouros,adventureous washbuckling events filled with experiences that I as the young ones should take the into concern~winks~ just didn't have the time to give a comment. . .
~Hahaha. . Simba! There's a story behind the name!would love to blog it out when I feel I'm ready. . .dunt miss it!
~thanks for the warm up`its the thoughts that count`. I was wishing e could celebrate it together. But it seems not that easy when he is in Kl for outstation.
Thanks dropping by uncle Lee
Simba Hahaha. . .

GeTzzz.... said...

Annie:: dun be jealous dear. You had a splendid annivesary outing together with family. That's more than you can compare to a Samsung galaxy. . Happybelated annivesary too. Mwaaahkz

Sheila Halim said...

wawawawa, happy anniversary felly & leh! romantic kamu ah.. heheheee ^_^

GeTzzz.... said...

Sheila dear, thanks for the wish. . .Romantic apa begitu. . Deep in my heart mau jugak ni kena bawa makan malam hahahahaha. . Pastu hadiah dia tu samsung lah. . Melebih2 pulak oh me kan hahahaha. . .Bah! U pun indak lama lagi tu.