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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

::Happy Wedding Kak Sugi::

It was 14th September , when my family and I went to KK as I had to fly off to Tawau the next morning at 7am to attend a friend's wedding. It was still school days for other schools.(bad teacher!) Not going to school during the school days…Well, that’s not how the story goes.
As we are still temporarily teaching at the premise of the Primary school of SK Chinta Mata, we had to call it a ‘cuti berganti’ as the UPSR examination for sixth grade only finishes late in the afternoon. And teaching in the afternoon session, will just crowd up the premise. The headmaster was afraid that the crowd in the school will affect the students’ examination mood. So, we call it a holiday!Yipeee… and what a coincidence that I had to drive to KK on that day.. I saved a day of my CRK~winks~.

Arriving in Tawau, I had to settle my water and electricity bills.
I didn’t have much time to settle it during the move out process. Carrying stuff down from fourth floor and packing things gave me no ample time to do so.
If I don’t cut it off in time, it will be a problem for those who want to enter the house. My principal was having a head-ache on this matter…~blushing~.
So, I took the my golden opportunity, driving Kak Sugiarti’s car which was a non-power steering on the roads of Tawau while she on the other side of the driver’s seat, just made me wondering whether i could manouver it to where i want it to .. Imagine the jams in Tawau and me turning the steers left and right. Gosh! I guess I don’t need to go to the gym to get my muscles build up. Hahahahah.. . .
What surprised me was that the road that once could be accessed via GIANT was CLOSED. And there was a high way in front of Giant going off straight to SIN ONN. I didn’t get to snap a shot on that.

To make it short: Reached the electricity department, no IC copies, had to run to a shop and get the copies done, drove back to the electricity department and Walah! SETTLED! Another one to go…….

Reached the water department, had my IC copies(good thang I photostated more than 2-just in case), had to go to the ‘Pesuruhjaya’ as I lost my ‘deposit letter’, (I thought I had the original letter in my file at my previous school) so I drove back to my school and got the letter and placed it on the desk of the person in charge)-the person was not there, drove back to town and hitch up a lunch, drove back to the Water department to get the final bill, the person said I got the wrong letter, so, I had to go to Sabindo for the ‘signature of the pesuruhjaya’ and head back to the water department to get the final bill. ~Inhale, Exhale~ Done! But I was in pain as my legs were cramp of driving a manual car…Erk! It Hurts. .But I can’t do nothing but just drive. I can’t ask the bride to drive, right!

I guess enough with the ranting and all. Here’s a few snaps I had taken:-

~The Ring~

~The table set up~

~The 'hantaran' from the bride~

~Here were a few items that i managed to snap~

~I helped to wrap the 'dodols' and kuih glutinous rice as the dowry~
and this is the result




These were the people behind the scene.

~kira orang kuat lah nie...~

~Kak Su~

~Kak Jaliha~

~Kak Hanita~

~Kak Masnah~

~Kak Nurliyan and Kak Norfazilla(i don't think i got her name spelled right)~


No picture

:: Kak IDA::


~My colleague's baby and me~

~Colleague's son and Me~

The 'glutinous rice cake' replacing the usual cake bride and groom will order for wedding.It was kind of unique and i can't stop taking pictures with it.

~My ex-colleagues with me~

~The bride and groom~


Miss Jess_Lyne said...

Gorgeous pictures! When is your turn pula sis? hehe

GeTzzz.... said...

Thanks beauty! Mine will be soon in Nov. To be exact on the 26th Nov. . Are you available?

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Getzzz, the most happiest day of a woman's life is when a gold ring fits into her finger, and she says, "I do".
Enjoy these days....your last as a single woman....
Best regards, you have fun, and keep a song in your heart.