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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

Water tank

We had problems in water supply these few weeks. It was like you’re in those poor countries who are struggling to find water to drink, and to wash up. It wasn’t that easy to face with this shortage of water when all those while we were having so much time having fun splashing water whenever we wanted to. Except for the sudden blackouts we endured (sometimes).
 I was deeply saddened as to imagine those who are in search for water as much as we do at this moment of this time I’m writing this.(Oh My English!!) I am however, grateful to see drops of water coming from the faucet though not that  much came out ~Smirking~. However,  there is still hope of water coming in sooner.
My family and I find it so hard to reserve the water as the water only runs in the morning while everyone is not at home. When we reached home in the afternoon, the water soon gets more slower than it runs in the early morning. We have water tanks behind our house but it seems there are problems that we can’t seem to understand why it never gets in the tank.
Maybe the water pressure isn’t that strong enough to reach our 20 feet(i reckon) tank. I guess it was too high! Well, we had the intention to have this matter a look but time always fails us to do so. I just feel like the time is passing by so fast due to workloads in my workplace and at home.
*So, the 20 feet high water tank has never had a resolution to be mended or what so ever.  
We had another tank that is placed on ground and just right under a circle like hole that gives way for the water to run when it rains (which is attached to the roof) 'Pancuran air'. Had no idea what this is in English ~blush~. But, the water during rainy season is not that clean. Sometimes, we use the water just to wash up the dishes but coming to the worse part when that’s the only resource water we had. We use it for bathing. The part where i hate was, using the rainy asidic water which is not treated or purified for daily usage is when the soap is hard to be washed off hahahahahha. . . .
So, today! I am off from work as we have 2 days off for ‘Hari Raya’ Hols, I got up early and washed off the tank and hurriedly  fill up the tank from the treated water faucet. Now, I’m not that worry to wash up using the water. What a relief!!!
Thank you lord for the angels you had sent down to get the tank cleaned up and filled with clean water instead of the water from the rain. Now, i need a rest after doing that manly job while doing the house chores for today!
Happy holidays for my muslimin and muslimat friendsJ


Anonymous said...

Having water shortage is really troublesome. I think the problem with your water tank is that the water pressure is not high enough to push the water upwards. If water can’t reach 20 feet high, installing a water pump can help because it can increase water pressure.

@Louisa Matsuura

GeTzzz.... said...

Hi Louisa!!!You are very right and i cant agree with you more:) We planned to have a water pump,but never had the time to get one. .But indeed we must need one.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Getzzz, just dropped by say hello.
How you doin'?
You have water problems?
Hope its ok now.
Best regards.