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:: A Wish From the Author::

:: A Wish From the Author::

It's time for a Rest!

As the date of my nuptial hour is getting closer, the more hectic i am and i never knew that the list just goes on and on. Holy cow!

I just can't wait to get this OVER soon. It's like i'm off to a war and exhausted at over thinking of strategies to get this over with. I've never stopped sighing since the first day of this marathon prep wedding hahahahha. . . Tu lah! Baru tau! Last minute baru mau buat . . But, i am grateful for having a wonderful and a good criticizer Mom to help me with this event. Without her comments and her ideas, i wouldn't get things 50% done by now. Thank you Lord!!

Well, out of the book,:-

My lil brother who is soon furthering his studies in a local university in Sarawak, will not be able to attend my wedding( sad!). I couldn't give him much but the lovely lappy i had since my first post as an educator is a gift from me to him.

It would then be difficult for me to blog out things and do my blog-jogs in the morning and blog-rounds at night hahahahh. . .

I wouldn't be able to blog much these days. But, i'm sure i would blog out my entry with wedding pictures soon:) Stay tune!

I'll be back in December! (trying to buy anothe new lappy~winks~) Fingers crossed!


Lizeewong said...

Good luck with your wedding prep Getzz! I'm sure it'll turn out okay :D

GeTzzz.... said...

Liz!!! Thanks. I hope the same and i guess more to hope for the smoothy wedding ~winks~
-Take care! And tekun tekun buat thesis ya. See you!!

Uncle Lee said...

Have fun stay young, stay beautiful and keep a song in your heart.